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Newest Parts : 28247 Products

Sourcing hard-to-find electronic components in the open market is a time-consuming work. WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS specializes in offering obsolete & end-of-life Newest Parts products, with in-stock inventory, datasheets and online purchasing. Find needed electronic parts, please review our online inventory below.
Low-Voltage, CMOS Analog Multiplexers/Switches with Enable Inputs and Address Latching | IC MULTIPLEXER 8X1 20SSOP
6800 pieces
Lowest to $15.268
3A Fast-Response High-Accuracy LDO Linear Regulator with Soft-Start | IC REG LIN 1.2V 3A DDPAK/TO263-5
29000 pieces
Lowest to $2.110
UCSP, Single-Supply, Low-Noise, Low-Distortion, Rail-to-Rail Op Amps
31000 pieces
Lowest to $2.201 rohs
Low-Power, 8-Channel, Serial 12-Bit ADCs | IC DAS 12BIT 133K 20SSOP
3800 pieces
Lowest to $24.857
N-Channel MOSFET 500V, 7.0 A, 0.9(ohm)
6000 pieces
Lowest to $0.471 rohs
Calibrated 12-Bit ADC with T/H and Reference | IC ADC 12BIT SAR 24DIP
720 pieces
Lowest to $278.505
+3.0V to +5.5V, 1uA, RS-232/RS-485/422 Multiprotocol Transceivers
3000 pieces
Lowest to $12.612 rohs
9000 pieces
Lowest to $0.922
YPBPR to RGBHV Converter and 2:1 Video Switch | IC RGBHV CONV/2:1 VID SW 24TSSOP
4830 pieces
Lowest to $4.679
Adjustable-Output, Switch-Mode Current Sources with Synchronous Rectifier | IC CTRLR CPU PWR STPDWN 16-QSOP
11700 pieces
Lowest to $4.194
800MHz to 2.7GHz High Linearity Direct Conversion Quadrature Demodulator
15000 pieces
Lowest to $9.702 rohs
2 Kbit Serial I²C Bus EEPROM For DIMM Serial Presence Detect
11400 pieces
Lowest to $5.260 rohs
Octal D-type transparent latch with 5-volt tolerant inputs/outputs 3-State
10500 pieces
Lowest to $4.541 rohs
13000 pieces
Lowest to $1.941 rohs
7500 pieces
Lowest to $6.251
5000 pieces
Lowest to $1.468 rohs
Low-Cost, 2-Channel, ±14-Bit Serial ADCs
6000 pieces
Lowest to $3.388 rohs
15100 pieces
Lowest to $1.941
14-Bit, 65/40/25Msps Low Power 3V ADCs
2100 pieces
Lowest to $58.209
Monolithic Amplifier DC-2 GHz
112 pieces
Lowest to $1.359 rohs
Low Quiescent Current High Efficiency Step-Down Converters
1900 pieces
Lowest to $49.424
5000 pieces
Lowest to $3.031 rohs
4:1 RF Transformer 0.05 - 3.072 MHz
8900 pieces
Lowest to $5.647 rohs
4340 pieces
Lowest to $0.374 rohs
Dual 3mA, 100MHz, 750V/us Operational Amplifier
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Res Thick Film 1812 5.6K Ohm 5% 0.75W(3/4W) ±200ppm/°C Pad SMD Automotive T/R
5000 pieces
Lowest to $0.031 rohs
12-Bit Rail-to-Rail Micropower DACs in SO-8
15 pieces
Lowest to $77.612
12-Bit, 300ksps Sampling A/D Converters with Reference
6300 pieces
Lowest to $20.813 rohs
Constant-Voltage/ Constant-Current Battery Charger
1700 pieces
Lowest to $15.523
1170 pieces
Lowest to $291.045
High Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulators
8000 pieces
Lowest to $9.904
Dual Precision Instrumentation Switched Capacitor Building Block
7200 pieces
Lowest to $19.403 rohs
Heavy-Duty 3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube | GDT 145V 20% 10KA T/H FAIL SHORT
7700 pieces
Lowest to $7.615 rohs
512 Kbit 64Kb x8 UV EPROM and OTP EPROM
4000 pieces
Lowest to $3.765 rohs
5V Step-Down Switching Regulator
46 pieces
Lowest to $3.396 rohs
Precision Reference
22000 pieces
Lowest to $49.478
3450 pieces
Lowest to $23.284 rohs
10-Bit,105Msps/80Msps ADCs
8100 pieces
Lowest to $11.820
Monolithic Linear Charger for Back-Up Li-Ion Batteries
18000 pieces
Lowest to $0.971 rohs
16/32-bit ARM microcontrollers; hardware floating-point coprocessor, USB On-The-Go, and EMC memory interface
8000 pieces
Lowest to $3.765 rohs
Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (SMD MLCCs) | CAP CER 22UF 6.3V X5R 0805
22000 pieces
Lowest to $0.020 rohs
16-/14-/12-Bit Rail-to-Rail DACs with I2C Interface
9400 pieces
Lowest to $12.272
CAP CER 1000PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1825
9100 pieces
Lowest to $5.811 rohs
LP5900 Ultra Low Noise, 150 mA Linear Regulator for RF/Analog Circuits Requires No Bypass Capacitor | IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 150MA 6WSON
15000 pieces
Lowest to $0.565
LP2992 Micropower 250 mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator in SOT-23 and WSON Packages Designed for Use with Very Low ESR Output Capacitors | IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 250MA SOT23-5
39975 pieces
Lowest to $1.747
Octal 16-/14-/12-Bit Rail-to-Rail DACs in 16-Lead SSOP
6900 pieces
Lowest to $5.821 rohs
LP3879 Micropower 800mA Low Noise "Ceramic Stable" Voltage Regulator for Low | IC REG LINEAR 1.2V 800MA 8WSON
8000 pieces
Lowest to $1.118
5000 pieces
Lowest to $11.241 rohs
3-Pin Microprocessor Reset Monitors | IC MPU SUPERVISORY 2.32V SOT23
2310 pieces
Lowest to $0.099
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