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Newest Parts : 28247 Products

Sourcing hard-to-find electronic components in the open market is a time-consuming work. WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS specializes in offering obsolete & end-of-life Newest Parts products, with in-stock inventory, datasheets and online purchasing. Find needed electronic parts, please review our online inventory below.
2.7V, SOT-23 or TO-92 Temperature Sensor | SENSOR ANALOG -40C-125C SOT23-3
40000 pieces
Lowest to $4.467 rohs
6500 pieces
Lowest to $0.134
Low-Power, 12-Bit Sampling ADCs with Internal Reference and Power-Down
1780 pieces
Lowest to $1.338
Cascaded PWM Controller
2700 pieces
Lowest to $2.253 rohs Datasheets
Inverting Octal 3-STATE Buffer Octal 3-STATE Buffer | IC BUF NON-INVERT 5.5V 20SOIC
26000 pieces
Lowest to $3.175 rohs
Low-Cost, 2-Channel, ±14-Bit Serial ADCs
1950 pieces
Lowest to $227.586 rohs
PWM Controller with Integrated Half-Bridge and SyncFET Drivers | IC REG CTRLR HALF-BRIDGE 24WQFN
33000 pieces
Lowest to $2.760
3-STATE Octal D-Type Latch . 3-STATE Octal D-Type Flip-Flop | IC FF D-TYPE SNGL 8BIT 20TSSOP
9200 pieces
Lowest to $7.030 rohs
Audio Sub-System with Mono Class AB Loudspeaker Amplifier and Stereo OCL/SE Headphone Amplifier
6000 pieces
Lowest to $1.371
Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger | IC INVERTER SCHMITT 6CH 14TSSOP
7000 pieces
Lowest to $21.284 rohs
1 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
9000 pieces
Lowest to $8.165 rohs
Complementary Power Transistors | TRANS NPN 80V 10A TO220FP
7600 pieces
Lowest to $10.717
300-440MHz QwikRadio® ASK Receiver | RF RX ASK/OOK 300-440MHZ 8SOIC
8700 pieces
Lowest to $10.490 rohs
9000 pieces
Lowest to $12.257 rohs
1250 pieces
Lowest to $16.931 rohs
Three-Terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulators | IC REG LINEAR 8V 100MA TO92-3
37300 pieces
Lowest to $1.501
LMH6657/LMH6658 270MHz Single Supply, Single & Dual Amplifiers | IC OPAMP VFB 2 CIRCUIT 8VSSOP
13500 pieces
Lowest to $1.352
Universal Serial Bus Transceiver | IC USB TRANSCEIVER 14-TSSOP
8000 pieces
Lowest to $11.194 rohs
High-Accuracy, High-Side, Fixed Current Limit Power Switch
11500 pieces
Lowest to $7.213 rohs
Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 15 A | DIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 45V TO262
11800 pieces
Lowest to $6.250
Metal Core SMD Power Inductors | FIXED IND 1UH 3.5A 47 MOHM SMD
3400 pieces
Lowest to $0.091 rohs
1W, Bypass-Capacitor-less Audio Amplifier with Internal Selectable Gain
1790 pieces
Lowest to $189.747
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Reverse Blocking Thyristors | THYRISTOR SCR 8A 600V DPAK
11600 pieces
Lowest to $5.107
13-Bit Differential Input, Low Power A/D Converter with SPI™ Serial Interface | IC ADC 13BIT SAR 8SOIC
8000 pieces
Lowest to $33.208 rohs
1A, Low-Voltage, Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 1.2V 1A 8DFN
2100 pieces
Lowest to $45.885 rohs
HCS08 Microcontrollers | IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 16QFN
4000 pieces
Lowest to $3.461 rohs
5700 pieces
Lowest to $0.408 rohs
5700 pieces
Lowest to $0.026
Quad 2−Input Exclusive OR Gate High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS
21000 pieces
Lowest to $0.828 rohs Datasheets
RF Transformer
1270 pieces
Lowest to $5.076 rohs
Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Reverse Blocking Thyristors | THYRISTOR SCR 4A 600V DPAK
49000 pieces
Lowest to $0.189
FILTER SAW 1.4X1.0X0.6
25000 pieces
Lowest to $3.143 rohs
1.25mm (.049") Pitch Duo-Clasp Wire-to-Board PCB Receptacle, Dual Row, Vertical, 30 Circuits | CONN RCPT 30POS 0.049 GOLD SMD
6600 pieces
Lowest to $19.854 rohs
9−Bit Latch ECL to TTL Translator
6000 pieces
Lowest to $3.746 rohs Datasheets
Triple 2−3−2−Input OR/NOR Gate
Need more? Email Us rohs Datasheets
Dual 1.5A-Peak Low-Side MOSFET Driver | IC DRIVER MOSFET 1.5A DUAL 8MSOP
8000 pieces
Lowest to $4.240
3.3V ECL Programmable Delay Chip
7800 pieces
Lowest to $5.950 rohs Datasheets
9020 pieces
Lowest to $1.843 rohs
Advance Information Temperature range (ambient): -40°C to 105°C | IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 32QFN
7000 pieces
Lowest to $4.472 rohs
1270 pieces
Lowest to $2.084 rohs
27-Bit, 2.5MHz to 42MHz DC-Balanced LVDS Deserializers | IC DESERIALIZER LVDS 48-LQFP
9000 pieces
Lowest to $10.382 rohs
1270 pieces
Lowest to $0.224 rohs
3.3V ECL 2:8 Differential Fanout Buffer | IC CLK BUFFER 2:8 1GHZ 28PLCC
10400 pieces
Lowest to $6.372
52Mbps, Precision Delay, RS485 Fail-Safe Transceiver
6000 pieces
Lowest to $4.202 rohs
5 V ECL Voltage Controlled Oscillator Amplifier
1600 pieces
Lowest to $63.584
Ultralow Power Quad Comparators with Reference
8100 pieces
Lowest to $5.171 rohs
3730 pieces
Lowest to $1.753 rohs
5V ECL Quint Differential Line Receiver
7000 pieces
Lowest to $3.695 rohs Datasheets
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