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Newest Parts : 28247 Products

Sourcing hard-to-find electronic components in the open market is a time-consuming work. WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS specializes in offering obsolete & end-of-life Newest Parts products, with in-stock inventory, datasheets and online purchasing. Find needed electronic parts, please review our online inventory below.
IEEE 802.3af PD Interface Controller For Power-Over-Ethernet
4860 pieces
Lowest to $3.302 rohs
Low Quiescent Current 500mA μCap LDO Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 1.8V 500MA 8SOIC
9000 pieces
Lowest to $1.745 rohs
3½ Digit DMM Circuit
5700 pieces
Lowest to $18.483 rohs
500mA Low Voltage Step-Down Synchronous Switching Regulator | IC REG BUCK ADJ 500MA 8SOIC
2700 pieces
Lowest to $3.104
7000 pieces
Lowest to $1.248
Precision, 16-Channel/Dual 8-Channel, High-Performance, CMOS Analog Multiplexers | IC MULTIPLEXER DUAL 8X1 28SOIC
1800 pieces
Lowest to $291.045
Micropower/Low Noise, 500 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator For Use with Ceramic Output Capacitors | IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 500MA 8VSSOP
6000 pieces
Lowest to $1.883
MAS 35x9F MPEG Layer 2/3, AAC Audio Decoder, G.729 Annex A Codec
11700 pieces
Lowest to $5.586
10000 pieces
Lowest to $3.957 rohs
Micropower Voltage Reference
2126 pieces
Lowest to $7.762 rohs
LP5951 Micropower, 150mA Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 150MA SC70-5
5000 pieces
Lowest to $3.171
LMH6642/LMH6643/LMH6644 Low Power, 130MHz, 75mA Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers
180000 pieces
Lowest to $0.753
10000 pieces
Lowest to $0.753
Automotive DirectDrive Headphone Amplifiers with Output Protection and Diagnostics
4500 pieces
Lowest to $18.517 rohs
Low power, high accuracy, general-purpose operational amplifier
5000 pieces
Lowest to $0.874 rohs Datasheets
HighVoltageTransistor PNP Silicon
6000 pieces
Lowest to $0.011 rohs
Zero Drift, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier with Digitally Programmable Gain
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3 Gbps HD/SD SDI Reclocker with Dual Differential Outputs
7500 pieces
Lowest to $17.463 rohs
Octal 3-STATE Buffer
22000 pieces
Lowest to $0.486 rohs Datasheets
Precision 300MHz to 7GHz RF Detector with Shutdown and Offset Adjustment
7000 pieces
Lowest to $1.500 rohs
7/8-Bit Single/Dual SPI Digital POT with Volatile Memory
Need more? Email Us rohs Datasheets
38900 pieces
Lowest to $0.078
Dual/Quad Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail, Precision Op Amps
220 pieces
Lowest to $15.523 rohs
High Speed, High Voltage, High Side Gate Driver
26000 pieces
Lowest to $2.178 rohs
10000 pieces
Lowest to $0.007 rohs
Software-Selectable Multiprotocol Transceiver with Termination and 3.3V Digital Interface
1690 pieces
Lowest to $9.702 rohs
Step Down DC - DC Converter Power IC
8000 pieces
Lowest to $1.650 rohs
1-/2-Channel 24-Bit uPower No Latency ADC in MSOP-10
Need more? Email Us rohs
4870 pieces
Lowest to $10.426 rohs Datasheets
Single Supply 16-Bit, 100ksps, Sampling ADCs
1560 pieces
Lowest to $11.642 rohs
Micropower, Regulated 5V Charge Pump DC/DC Converter
7700 pieces
Lowest to $5.393
12V, 30mA Flash Memory Programming Supply
1086 pieces
Lowest to $19.403 rohs
200mA, Low Noise,Low Dropout Negative Micropower Regulator
5004 pieces
Lowest to $11.642 rohs
7500 pieces
Lowest to $17.138
19000 pieces
Lowest to $0.593
Comparator with Reference
14300 pieces
Lowest to $2.523 rohs
Tantalum, Polymer Tantalum, T520, 470 uF, 20%, 6.3 V, 7343, SMD, Polymer, Molded, Low Profile/ESR, NonCombustible, 55mOhms, Height Max = 1.5mm
9400 pieces
Lowest to $5.353 rohs Datasheets
1A, Low-Voltage, Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulator
7700 pieces
Lowest to $4.357 rohs Datasheets
Tiny CMOS Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Input and Push-Pull Output | IC COMPAR TNY CMOS RR IN 8-SOIC
9110 pieces
Lowest to $4.305
16-Bit, 250ksps, Single Supply ADC
1820 pieces
Lowest to $157.268
Dual Input, Far Field Noise Suppression Microphone Amplifier with Automatic Calibration Capability | IC AMP MICROPHONE ARRAY 32-LQFP
11000 pieces
Lowest to $4.072 rohs
8-Bit Serial-Input/Serial or Parallel-Output Shift Register with Latched 3-State Outputs High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS | IC SHIFT REGISTER 8BIT 16-SOEIAJ
35000 pieces
Lowest to $1.967 rohs
Zener Voltage Regulators | DIODE ZENER 4.7V 500MW SOD123
23400 pieces
Lowest to $0.013
Constant Frequency Current Mode Step-Down DC/DC Controller in SOT-23
4870 pieces
Lowest to $3.115 rohs
SMD Inductors(Coils) For High Frequency(Multilayer)
2700 pieces
Lowest to $3.995 rohs
High-Voltage, High-Power LED Driver with Analog and PWM Dimming Control | IC LED DRIVER CTRLR DIM 32TQFN
5500 pieces
Lowest to $25.098 rohs
2100 pieces
Lowest to $5.821 rohs
Dual Precision Operational Amplifier
1520 pieces
Lowest to $13.583
Dual Schottky Rectifiers | DIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 45V D2PAK
2700 pieces
Lowest to $0.777
283982 pieces
Lowest to $0.078 rohs
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