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Newest Parts : 28247 Products

Sourcing hard-to-find electronic components in the open market is a time-consuming work. WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS specializes in offering obsolete & end-of-life Newest Parts products, with in-stock inventory, datasheets and online purchasing. Find needed electronic parts, please review our online inventory below.
27000 pieces
Lowest to $2.902 rohs Datasheets
8-bit HCS08 Central Processor Unit (CPU) | IC MCU 8BIT 4KB FLASH 8SOIC
9000 pieces
Lowest to $1.728 rohs
Dual 500mA ╬╝Cap Low Dropout, Micropower Linear Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 1V/3.3V 8MSOP
10400 pieces
Lowest to $4.611 rohs
Dual Synchronous 1.5A/1A 4MHz Step-Down DC/DC Regulator
4320 pieces
Lowest to $4.698 rohs
MC9S08GT16A/GT8A Features | IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 44QFP
11200 pieces
Lowest to $56.452 rohs
16-Bit, 100ksps, Sampling ADC
1900 pieces
Lowest to $38.374 rohs
3.3V / 5V ECL Quad 2−Input Differential AND/NAND
9500 pieces
Lowest to $15.350 rohs Datasheets
Programmable 4A USB Current-Limited Switches with Autoreset and Fault Blanking
9700 pieces
Lowest to $14.837 rohs
MC9S08AC128 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet | IC MCU 8BIT 96KB FLASH 64QFP
7100 pieces
Lowest to $19.587 rohs
Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Reverse Voltage 20 to 200V Forward Current 3.0A
148200 pieces
Lowest to $1.280 rohs
HCS08 Microcontrollers | IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 48QFN
4300 pieces
Lowest to $29.263 rohs
Constant Frequency Step-Down DC/DC Controller with LDO Regulator
1400 pieces
Lowest to $41.779
Low-Input-Voltage, 300mA LDO Regulators with RESET in SOT and TDFN
8840 pieces
Lowest to $2.431
3-Terminal 0.1A Positive Voltage Regulator
65000 pieces
Lowest to $0.333 rohs
5.5V to 60V 1.5A, 200kHz Step-Down Switching Regulator
8800 pieces
Lowest to $6.180 rohs
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate With 5 V−Tolerant Inputs | IC GATE AND 4CH 2-INP 14TSSOP
5800 pieces
Lowest to $23.379
Dual Low−Voltage CMOS 2−to−4 Decoder/Demultiplexer With 5V−Tolerant Inputs | IC DECODR/DEMUX DUAL 2-4 16TSSOP
38000 pieces
Lowest to $0.190
8-Bit Serial-Input/Serial or Parallel-Output Shift Register with Latched 3-State Outputs | IC SHIFT REGSTR 8BIT 3ST 16TSSOP
42000 pieces
Lowest to $0.212
Precision, Low-Voltage Analog Switches | IC SW ANLG PREC LV SPST 16DIP
4320 pieces
Lowest to $17.544
Dual/Quad Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers
2490 pieces
Lowest to $6.324 rohs
14-Stage Binary Ripple Counter With Oscillator | IC COUNTER 14STAGE BIN 16-TSSOP
4000 pieces
Lowest to $3.741
Precision Reference
Need more? Email Us rohs
Octal Buffer/Line Driver with 3−State Outputs
8000 pieces
Lowest to $3.409 rohs Datasheets
22000 pieces
Lowest to $0.692 rohs
Precision Triple/Dual Input UV, OV and Negative Voltage Monitor
4320 pieces
Lowest to $2.997 rohs
LDO Regulator Pos 3V 0.1A 8-Pin SOIC T/R / Series of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulators | IC REG LIN POS ADJ 100MA 8SOIC
3400 pieces
Lowest to $0.347 rohs Datasheets
Dual D−Type Positive Edge−Triggered Flip−Flop | IC FF D-TYPE DUAL 1BIT 14TSSOP
7000 pieces
Lowest to $2.046
Quad 2-Input Multiplexer
1840 pieces
Lowest to $3.981 rohs Datasheets
1970 pieces
Lowest to $3.464
LIN System Basis Chip with DC Motor Pre-driver and Current Sense | IC SYSTEM BASIS CHIP LIN 32-LQFP
29000 pieces
Lowest to $2.440 rohs
PLL Tuned UHF Receiver for Data Transfer Applications
4000 pieces
Lowest to $3.711
LP3962/LP3965 1.5A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulators | IC REG LINEAR 1.8V 1.5A SOT223-5
3080 pieces
Lowest to $0.407
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.571
Power Management and Interface IC for Smartcard Readers and Couplers
7000 pieces
Lowest to $3.543
800 mA, Adjustable Output, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 800MA TO220AB
6000 pieces
Lowest to $4.378
24-Stage Frequency Divider | IC DIVIDER 24STAGE FREQ 16-SOIC
11800 pieces
Lowest to $5.040
High-ESD Profibus RS-485 Transceiver
22400 pieces
Lowest to $4.742 rohs Datasheets
Hex Contact Bounce Eliminator | IC ELIMINATOR BOUNCE HEX 16-SOIC
9300 pieces
Lowest to $4.752
3.3V / 5V ECL Quad D Flip-Flop with Set, Reset, and Differential Clock
2000 pieces
Lowest to $129.698 rohs
Wide Input Range, High Efficiency, Step-Down Switching Regulator
57 pieces
Lowest to $16.000
Micropower 50 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 5V 50MA SOT23-5
10500 pieces
Lowest to $0.676
PECL/TTL−TTL 1:8 Clock Distribution Chip
9700 pieces
Lowest to $6.259 rohs Datasheets
POWER TRANSISTORS(16A,100-160V,125W) | TRANS PNP 160V 16A TO218
2200 pieces
Lowest to $35.077
LP5951 Micropower, 150mA Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator | IC REG LINEAR 1.5V 150MA SOT23-5
5160 pieces
Lowest to $0.224
MX Family of applications processors | IC MPU I.MXL 150MHZ 256MAPBGA
1520 pieces
Lowest to $254.308 rohs
SWITCHMODE Power Rectifier
10000 pieces
Lowest to $6.347 rohs Datasheets
100 mA Negative Voltage Regulators
10600 pieces
Lowest to $4.658 rohs Datasheets
16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller | IC MCU 16BIT 288KB FLASH 100QFP
11300 pieces
Lowest to $4.533 rohs
Ultra-Precision, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifiers | IC CURR SENSE 1 CIRCUIT 10UMAX
27000 pieces
Lowest to $2.945 rohs
5V ECL 1:6 Differential Clock Distribution Chip
11900 pieces
Lowest to $5.601 rohs Datasheets
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