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Newest Parts : 28247 Products

Sourcing hard-to-find electronic components in the open market is a time-consuming work. WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS specializes in offering obsolete & end-of-life Newest Parts products, with in-stock inventory, datasheets and online purchasing. Find needed electronic parts, please review our online inventory below.
Quad 8-Bit DACs with Rail-to-Rail Voltage Outputs | IC DAC 8BIT V-OUT 24SSOP
2500 pieces
Lowest to $13.709
Micropower 50 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator In SOT-23 Package | IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 50MA SOT23-5
2400 pieces
Lowest to $0.451
12-Bit Rail-to-Rail Micropower DACs in SO-8
15 pieces
Lowest to $79.412
1.5A Single Flash LED Driver IC
6470 pieces
Lowest to $0.302
±15kV ESD-Protected, Low-Voltage SPDT/SPST, CMOS Analog Switches | IC SWITCH SPST SOT23-5
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.316 rohs
12-Bit, 300ksps Sampling A/D Converters with Reference
6300 pieces
Lowest to $24.913 rohs
High Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulators
8000 pieces
Lowest to $11.855
High Precision 6MHz, 600 mA Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter for Mobile Applications | IC REG BUCK 1.82V 600MA 6DSBGA
4460 pieces
Lowest to $4.543 rohs
Dual Precision Instrumentation Switched Capacitor Building Block
11800 pieces
Lowest to $5.678 rohs
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.166 rohs Datasheets
16 Mbit 2Mb x8, Uniform Block 3V Supply Firmware Hub Flash Memory
6900 pieces
Lowest to $17.397 rohs
2.4GHz 802.11b Zero-IF Transceivers
2500 pieces
Lowest to $7.533
16/32-bit ARM microcontrollers; hardware floating-point coprocessor, USB On-The-Go, and EMC memory interface
8000 pieces
Lowest to $4.506 rohs
5V Step-Down Switching Regulator
4460 pieces
Lowest to $26.094 rohs
Pin Programmable Universal and Bandpass Filters | IC FILTER 140KHZ BAND PASS 24DIP
2500 pieces
Lowest to $215.961
LP5900 Ultra Low Noise, 150 mA Linear Regulator for RF/Analog Circuits Requires No Bypass Capacitor | IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 150MA 6WSON
15000 pieces
Lowest to $0.676
24V Internal Switch, 100% Duty Cycle, Step-Down Converters
2500 pieces
Lowest to $5.015 rohs
LP3879 Micropower 800mA Low Noise "Ceramic Stable" Voltage Regulator for Low | IC REG LINEAR 1.2V 800MA 8WSON
8000 pieces
Lowest to $1.338
CMOS μP-Compatible, 5μs, 8-Bit ADCs | IC ADC 8BIT SAR 20SOIC
1400 pieces
Lowest to $75.062
Zener Voltage Regulators | DIODE ZENER 16V 200MW SOD323
12800 pieces
Lowest to $0.223
33000 pieces
Lowest to $2.376 rohs
5V/3.3V or Adjustable, High-Efficiency, Low-Dropout, Step-Down DC-DC Controllers | IC REG CTRLR BUCK 8DIP
2500 pieces
Lowest to $35.514
Low-Cost, Small, 4.5V to 28V Wide Operating Range, DC-DC Synchronous Buck Controller
2500 pieces
Lowest to $1.494 rohs
Dual/Quad 18MHz, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail, CMOS Op Amps
11200 pieces
Lowest to $4.653 rohs
High-Density, ±5V Capable DPDT Analog Switches | IC SWITCH DPDT 5 MOHM 9WLP
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.567 rohs
0.8A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulators | IC REG LINEAR 5V 800MA SOT223-5
7000 pieces
Lowest to $1.690
Micropower Low Dropout Regulators with Shutdown
23500 pieces
Lowest to $2.157 rohs
512 Kbit serial SPI bus EEPROM with high-speed clock
2500 pieces
Lowest to $1.983 rohs
Voltage Comparator
1400 pieces
Lowest to $102.653
16 Kbit, 8 Kbit, 4 Kbit, 2 Kbit and 1 Kbit (8-bit or 16-bit wide) MICROWIRE® serial access EEPROM
2500 pieces
Lowest to $1.804 rohs
Ultra High-Speed, High-Current Active Filter / LDO Controller
10400 pieces
Lowest to $4.527 rohs
2500 pieces
Lowest to $4.506 rohs
4.5V to 28V Input Current-Mode Step-Down Controller with Adjustable Frequency
4460 pieces
Lowest to $3.236 rohs
Dual 200 mW Headphone Amplifier with Shutdown Mode
12300 pieces
Lowest to $7.518 rohs
Single/Dual/Quad, Micropower, Single-Supply Rail-to-Rail Op Amps | IC OPAMP GP 4 CIRCUIT 14DIP
7500 pieces
Lowest to $14.768
Precision, 17 MHz, Low Noise, CMOS Input Amplifier | IC OPAMP GP 1 CIRCUIT TSOT23-6
7000 pieces
Lowest to $1.470
64 Mbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory With 50MHz SPI Bus Interface
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.143 rohs
Addressable 2-Wire Bus Buffers
8500 pieces
Lowest to $10.954
HD/SD SDI Reclocker With Dual Differential Outputs
7400 pieces
Lowest to $15.079 rohs Datasheets
High Voltage, Bidirectional Current Sense Amplifier Low Power Shutdown
5000 pieces
Lowest to $56.452
2-Mbit (128K x 16) Pseudo Static RAM
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.143 rohs
Low IQ, Low Dropout, 800mA, Source and Sink Regulators Adjustable and Fixed 2.5V, 2.85V, 5V Output
4000 pieces
Lowest to $4.011 rohs
Single/Dual/Quad 18MHz, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, CMOS Op Amps
6000 pieces
Lowest to $22.581 rohs
Dual 500mA/50MHz Current Feedback Line Driver Amplifier
1600 pieces
Lowest to $105.380
Micropower Low Dropout Regulators with Shutdown
23500 pieces
Lowest to $2.438 rohs
LPC662 Low Power CMOS Dual Operational Amplifier
7000 pieces
Lowest to $1.465 rohs
High Voltage, High Side, Bi-Directional Current Sense Amplifi er
2500 pieces
Lowest to $2.136 rohs
PolySwitch PTC Devices Overcurrent Protection Device | PTC RESET FUSE 240V 400MA RADIAL
190000 pieces
Lowest to $3.422 rohs
No RSENSE™ Electronic Circuit Breaker
2500 pieces
Lowest to $3.310
16-Bit 8-/16-Channel ΔΣ ADC with Easy Drive Input Current Cancellation and I2C Interface
2500 pieces
Lowest to $22.581 rohs
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