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Custom Parts (J - M) : 3945 Products

806-870MHZ, 12.5V, 20W, Fm Mobile Radio
IC MCU 8BIT 60KB FLASH 52LQFP / F²MC-8FX series Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 16MHz 60KB (60K x 8) FLASH 52-LQFP (10x10)
IC TELECOM INTERFACE 32QFN / Telecom IC Line Card Access Switch 32-QFN (8x8)
MBI-6660GSD, Demoboard, 80pcs
1770 pieces
16-BIT Mrom Microcontroller PQFP160
LED TOPLED NEU WHITE 4500K 6SMD / LED Lighting series White, Neutral 4500K 3.6V 140mA 120° 6-SMD, J-Lead
High Efficiency 2A 6V 1.5MHz 17uA Iq COT Synchronous Step Down Converter with better Vfb accuracy and better load...
9065 pieces
Ev 1000VDC A 50A Blade Y
French Electronic Distributor since 1988
Quartz Operating temperature: -20...70 °C Size: 8.2 x 3.8 x 2.5 mm Package: SMD Resonant operating mode: Parallel...
Mitsubishi FR-A846-00470-2-60L2 - MIT280801
MAU200 Series 1 Watt Ultra Miniature High Isolation SIP DC/DC Single & Dual Output
408 pieces
16V, 12A, 3M RDS(ON), HOT-SWAP P / Hot Swap Controller 1 Channel Networking 22-QFN (3x5)
DIODE GEN PURP 600V 1A MICROSMP / Diode Standard 600 V 1A Surface Mount MicroSMP (DO-219AD)
5110 pieces
rohs Datasheets
RECTIFIER UFR,FRR / Diode Standard 200 V 1A Surface Mount D-5A
SWITCH REED SPDT 500MA 175V / Glass Body Reed Switch SPDT 15 ~ 20AT Operate Range 10W 500mA (AC/DC) 175 V Surface Mount
Positive Voltage Regulator, Io=1A, ESD=6000V, Vi=36V, Vo=5V+-
2 ROW - STRAIGHT AND RIGHT ANGLE / 44 Connector Receptacle, Female Sockets Through Hole
22V 4A Quad-Channel Half-Bridge / Dual-Channel Full-Bridge Power Amplifier
25G Dml Driver And Receiver With Dual Cd
9900 pieces
LED Single Chip Yellow Green 572nm 60mA 2-Pin Through Hole
Cap Ceramic 0.1uF 25V Y5V -20/+80% SMD 0603 85°C T/R
SENSOR ROTARY 360DEG SMD / Hall Effect Sensor Linear, Rotary Position External Magnet, Not Included Gull Wing
RELAY TIME DELAY 10SEC CHASSIS / On-Delay Time Delay Relay SPST-NO (1 Form A) 0.1 Sec ~ 10 Sec Delay Chassis Mount
WIRE DUCT SLOTTED 2PC SCRW 6.56' / Wire Duct Gray, Light Slotted (Raceway), 2 Piece Screw 6.56' (2.00m)
1A 21V 1.4MHz Asynchronous Step-Down Converter in a TSOT23-6
18100 pieces
3.3V - 19V 2A Low IQ Synchronous Step-Down Converter
34805 pieces
Flash Card 32G-byte 3.3V Embedded MMC 153-Pin VFBGA
3.0A Single Cell Switch Mode Battery Charger with Power Path Management (PPM) and 3.0A System Boost Current
80000 pieces
Silicon MOSFET type Integrated Circuit, 700V, DIP7-A1-B