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Custom Parts (S - T) : 4114 Products

DIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 1A DO214AC / Diode Schottky 60 V 1A Surface Mount DO-214AC (SMA)
333340 pieces
DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 30A TO252 / Diode Schottky 100 V 30A Surface Mount TO-252-3
41670 pieces
DIODE ZENER 4.3V 500MW SOD123 / Zener Diode 4.3 V 500 mW ±5% Surface Mount SOD-123
15000 pieces
Optocoupler DC-IN 4-CH Transistor DC-OUT 16-Pin SO T/R
IC POWER / Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 300mA SOT-23-5
22000 pieces
vpe: 5000/tr/smd
23000 pieces
P-CHANNEL 60-V (D-S) 175C MOSFET / P-Channel 60 V 52A (Tc) 83W (Tc) Surface Mount PowerPAK® SO-8
15000 pieces
Ac-in 1-CH Transistor Dc-out 4-PIN PDIP
267696 pieces
200 pieces
IC CLOCK GENERATOR 40QFN / Clock Generator IC 312.5MHz 1 40-VQFN Exposed Pad
43 pieces
CONN RCPT 10POS 0.05 GOLD PCB / 10 Position Receptacle Connector 0.050" (1.27mm) Through Hole Gold
5920 pieces
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DIODE ARRAY GP 600V 30A TO3PF / Diode Array 1 Pair Common Cathode Standard 600 V 30A Through Hole TO-3P-3 Full Pack
1120 pieces
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Freescale BGA
97 pieces
Amplifier, Power, .03- 2.5 GHz, 10 W, 19 dB, 30 V, GaN
PRECISION ISOLATED CURRENT SENSO / Current Sensor 1 Channel Hall Effect Bidirectional 8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
5550 pieces
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Amplifier, Low Noise, 2 to 22 GHz, 25.4 dBm, 15.7 dB, 2.7 dB NF, GaN,
Optocoupler Transistor, 80V, 0.05A, SMD Rohs Compliant: Yes
DGTL ISO 2.5KV GATE DRVR 16SOIC / 4A Gate Driver Capacitive Coupling 2500Vrms 2 Channel 16-SOIC
4070 pieces
DIODE ZENER 24V 1W DO214AC / Zener Diode 24 V 1 W ±5% Surface Mount DO-214AC (SMAJ)
4770 pieces
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IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 300MA SOT23-5 / Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 300mA SOT-23-5
5620 pieces
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Decoder/Demultiplexer Single 3-to-8 16-Pin CDIP Tube
Transistor Output Optocoupler, 1, 3.75 Kv, 100 %, 20 Ma, Sop, 4 Rohs Compliant: Yes
9000 pieces
Trans Darlington NPN/PNP 0.5A 18-Pin PDIP
34250 pieces
MOSFET N-CH 40V 575A PPAK 8 X 8 / N-Channel 40 V 575A (Tc) 600W (Tc) Surface Mount PowerPAK® 8 x 8
5640 pieces
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DGTL ISO 2500VRMS 4CH GP 16SOIC / General Purpose Digital Isolator 2500Vrms 4 Channel 1Mbps 35kV/µs CMTI 16-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width)
4090 pieces
IC Isomodem Fax Sys-side 24TSSOP
5800 pieces
Fiberoptic Receiver Mod 10MB/S
358 pieces
RF Amp Chip Single Power Amp 15.5GHz 8V 24-Pin QFN EP
1492 pieces
Military 8-ch, 4.5-V to 5.5-V buffers with TTL-compatible CMOS inputs 20-CFP -55 to 125
49197 pieces
Filter, SAW, 300 MHz, .7 MHz BW
398 pieces
71000 pieces
Triple Half Bridge Motor Driver 300V
2300 pieces
MOSFET N-CH 30V 100A PPAK SO-8 / N-Channel 30 V 100A (Tc) 104W (Tc) Surface Mount PowerPAK® SO-8
6120 pieces
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SE868-V2-GNSS Jupiter SE868 V2 GNSS module SiRFstarV™ 5e
497 pieces
IC CROSSPOINT SW 1 X 4:4 40WQFN / Crosspoint Switch 1 x 4:4 40-WQFN (6x4)
4780 pieces
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TX Optical Fiber 10Mbps 6-Pin 650nm
1100 pieces
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