Flex Power Module Introduces New High Efficiency, Small Size DC/DC Converter

Friday, April 20, 2018

PKU4300D New Series 1/16 Brick DC/DC Module Delivers Industry's Highest Power and Efficiency

For applications such as distributed and intermediate buses in the ICT, telecommunications, and industrial markets, advanced bus converters are designed to replace the 1/8 brick devices on a series of end-user circuit boards deployed in these applications.

Flex Power Modules announces the introduction of a new 1/16 brick 12V output DC/DC converter module - providing 200W power and up to 95% industry-leading efficiency, ideal for replacing many applications A 1/8 brick package converter saves more than 40% of board space.

The newly introduced PKU4213D has a wide input range of 36VDC to 75VDC, providing a tightly-regulated 12V output, and can handle up to 204W of power. Other modules provided by the PKU4300D series include 135W and 100W versions - the 135W version has a 5V/27A output and the 100W version provides a 3.3V/30.3A output.

It is also suitable for high-power and high-performance application deployments in applications powered by multiple cells or rectifiers and meets all requirements for use in networking and telecommunications equipment, server and data storage applications, and industrial equipment.

The extremely high efficiency of this module - usually deployed in telecommunications and data communications, with 95% input at 48V - can significantly reduce energy and cooling costs for end users. In addition, the module offers high-end performance in challenging thermal environments, which means that it has higher available power in applications designed to operate in environments with high ambient temperatures and limited airflow. Provides higher product reliability.

The product is packaged in an industry-standard, DOSA-compatible, 5-pin 1/16 brick package measuring 33.02 x 22.86 x 11.30 mm. It can be through-hole or surface-mount to provide maximum flexibility during board assembly. The module can also be delivered in bare board mode, in which case it can provide 180W at 12V output or 204W at full power.

The input-to-output (I/O) isolation voltage of the PKU4213D is 2250VDC, so it can also be used in a wide range of applications including Power over Ethernet (PoE). In addition, the module provides advanced protection functions including output overvoltage, overtemperature and overcurrent.

The new module was designed and manufactured by Flex to meet the industry's highest standards for DC/DC power converters, providing power system designers with the level of quality and confidence needed to develop long-term and high-performance platforms.

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