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ISOCOM company was established in 1982 in the United Kingdom, with more than 30 years of professional experience in optocoupler manufacturing.ISOCOM is the British optocoupler manufacturing experts, its products include ordinary light lotus (such as TLP521, IS181, IS281, etc.), high-speed light lotus (such as 6N136, 6N137, etc.), IGBT drive light lotus (such as ICPL3120, etc.), optical relays (such as ISP06, ISO25, ISP40, ISP60, etc.). ISOCOM optocoupler has the advantages of "super stability, low price, the world's fastest delivery time," which can be completely replace the Avago, Fairchild, Toshiba, Sharp and other brands of the corresponding models, mainly used in the Class power, power meters, industrial control, inverter, household appliances and other fields.

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