Littelfuse Introduces PLEDxN Series LED Open Circuit Protectors

Friday, August 17, 2018

Littelfuse, Inc., a global leader in circuit protection, today announced the PLEDxN family of LED open circuit protectors. These surface mount devices are designed to work with high-brightness 1 watt LEDs with a nominal current of 350 mA at 3 V, which provides a switched electronic shunt when an LED string or an LED in the array has an open circuit fault. It can be automatically reset after the LED self-recovery or power cycle.


The small SOD-123FL package is the lowest (1.1 mm) of the same type of device and is ideal for dense boards where layout flexibility is critical.

Typical applications for PLEDxN series of LED open circuit protectors include street, subway, airstrip and tunnel lighting, as well as headlights, roadside warning lights, and outdoor billboards that require high reliability and low maintenance.

“Compared to other LED open-circuit protector solutions such as silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) and Zener diodes), the PLEDxN family offers higher reliability and lower maintenance requirements.” Li Wang, Littelfuse LED Open Circuit Protector Product Manager Said. “This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor LED lighting or signage applications where durability is critical.”

The PLEDxN series of LED open circuit protectors have the following key advantages:

• Electronic shunt/bypass for LED open circuits allows the entire LED string or array to continue to operate in the event of an open LED failure.

• The small SOD-123FL package offers high layout flexibility and is ideal for dense board applications.

• After the LED is self-restored or replaced, the unit can be automatically reset, reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability.

Author:Brittany Antonia (The author of article owns the copyright.)