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Comchip Technology

Comchip Technology Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of SMD discrete semiconductors. From small signal switches, low drop Schottky barrier diodes, Zener diodes, rectifiers to custom high voltage or low forward voltage rectifiers, Comchip can always offer its customers the proper diodes. Comchip Technology is the first manufacturer to offer a standardized RoHS compliant, DFN / flat chip package ,eliminates the possibility of whisker formation by using gold-plated terminals.The DFN package offers the SOD-323F (1005), SOD-523F (0603), SOD-723F (0503) and SOD-923F (0402) specifications. Comchip's diode products are ideally suited for high reliability applications in personal computers, digital cameras, PDAs, pagers, wireless, networking and portable devices, as well as the need to eliminate tin whiskers.
Headquarters 4115 Clipper Ct, Fremont, California, 94538, United States
Phone Number (510) 657-8671
Revenue $12 Million
SIC Code 36,367
NAICS Code 33,334
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