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Grenergy Opto, lnc.

Grenergy Opto's target products are mainly focused on the development of analog ICs for the information industry and LED lighting industry, including Green mode PWM control IC, 700V Green mode HV PWM control IC and power factor control IC This type of IC can be used in a large number of LED lighting, power supply, adapter and charger.
Headquarters 4281 Express Ln Ste L7790, Sarasota, Florida, 34238, United States
Phone Number (707) 215-1585
Revenue $7 Million
SIC Code 13,138
NAICS Code 21,213
Top Competitors NeuEra Petroleum|Subsea Infrastructure Partners...|Group Spectra|Pamir Energy Co Ltd|Petroteligence Inc|Oilfield Wiki|Fox Oil Drilling Co|Black Gold
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