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Shengbang Microelectronics Co, Ltd

Shengbang Microelectronics Co, Ltd is a semiconductor company, focused on the development of high-performance, high-quality analog integrated circuits,widely used in mobile phones, TVs, DVDs, digital cameras, laptops,consumer electronics products and automotive electronics, industrial automation, medical equipment, LCD displays and many other fields.Sufficient financial strength and strong technical strength make Saint-state Microelectronics independent research and development and the rapid success of the products available, has reached 14 categories 600 balance, all in line with EU RoHS standards and green standards, such as 1.5GHz high-speed operational amplifier , 500MHz Low Noise Operational Amplifier, Precision Operational Amplifier, 300nA Ultra Low Power Comparator, 50MHz Low Noise Operational Amplifier, 150mA Low Power, Low Noise Low Dropout LDO, 0.4Ω Analog Switch, Power Monitor, Video Filter, White LED driver, high efficiency DC / DC converter chip, lithium battery charge management chip.
Headquarters Korea, Republic of
Phone Number +886 282269088
Revenue $16 Billion
SIC Code 36,367
NAICS Code 33,334
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