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Founded in 1896, Venkel LTD. is an international supplier of surface-mount devices (SMD), specializing in passive components. Their extensive product offering includes ceramic capacitors, resistors, inductors, tantalum capacitors, choke coils, Ferrite beads, LEDs, thermistors, resistor arrays, and engineering kits. Their components are used in a wide range of applications in consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunication, automotive and aerospace industries. Venkel also provides a wide array of supply chain services including flexible stocking programs that are easily customizable to support the inventory management requirements of customers.
Headquarters 5900 Shepherd Mountain Cv, Austin, Texas, 78730, United States
Phone Number (512) 794-0081
Revenue $13 Million
SIC Code 36,367
NAICS Code 33,334
Top Competitors NIC Components Corp|KOA Speer Electronics Inc|Mini-Systems Inc|Inland Empire Components Inc|Fusion Inc 206|International Manufacturing Se...|Surge Components Inc|Area 51 Esg Inc
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