Marvell launched the industry's first 16-port 50GbE PHY transceiver

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The emergence of new applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to drive the exponential growth of data center requirements for processing power and I/O bandwidth. The introduction of Marvell's new transceivers is specifically designed to address the upgrade of super-large data centers from 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 100GbE to 50GbE, 200GbE and 400GbE. The 88X7120 uses 50G PAM4 signaling and supports 16 50GbE ports, 4 200GbE ports and 2 400GbE ports to meet the I/O speed requirements for very large-scale data centers.

Marvell offers a variety of products for data center applications. The PHY is the backbone of high-speed data center interconnects and an important part of Marvell's strategy. The addition of new transceivers, coupled with Marvell's portfolio of switch products for the data center market, and other optimized products, with scalable interconnect speeds to meet I/O throughput requirements in a cost-effective manner .

The new transceiver is also the first PHY device on the market to fully comply with the IEEE 802.3cd standard. This standard defines a PAM4-based 50GbE port type. The new device has a fully symmetrical architecture with long-range SerDes on both the system and line-side interfaces, enabling system design flexibility and supporting optical and direct-attached copper interconnects. The 88X7120 is now sampling to major customers.

Chris Koopmans, Marvell's executive vice president of network and connectivity, said: "To meet the rapidly growing bandwidth requirements of today's ultra-large data centers, it is critical to increase data throughput to 50 Gb per channel.

According to Yuval Bachar, LinkedIn's chief architect and global infrastructure architect, “The continued growth of our data center bandwidth is driving rapid adoption of higher I/O speeds to increase system density, bandwidth, and performance. With next-generation servers and switches Deployments, copper and fiber connections will expand from today's 25G copper signaling and 100G fiber connections to 50GbE, 200GbE and 400GbE, which will require new interconnection technologies to support the upgrade of very large and medium-sized data centers."

Bob Wheeler, chief analyst of the Linley Group Network, commented: “With this new PHY device, Marvell is rapidly launching the 50G Ethernet ecosystem and demonstrating its commitment to the data center market. We expect that by 2019, the market will meet the standards. The use of 50G servers will increase substantially, and Marvell is supporting high-density switches with twice the port density of competing solutions."

Author:Brittany Antonia (The author of article owns the copyright.)