Maxim Announces MAXREFDES155# DeepCover Embedded Security Reference Design

Monday, October 22, 2018

Maxim announces the MAXREFDES155# DeepCover® embedded security reference design to help users quickly and easily add confidential security authentication to their systems, protecting Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and the authenticity and integrity of device-to-cloud data exchange.

As more and more devices access the network, to ensure that sensor nodes and control devices are safely operated, security becomes a key assessment indicator for network devices and sensors. The MAXREFDES155# reference design uses the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for public key encryption and control and notification via a web server or network controller, providing easier sensor node authentication and management. Customers can quickly collect and display securely certified sensor data and monitor network node changes through secure communications with the cloud. This reference design is ideal for a wide range of IoT applications in the industrial sector, covering everything from factory automation to agricultural intelligence.

The MAXREFDES155# platform includes an Arduino® ARMmbed module with additional sensor endpoints. The module integrates the DS2476 DeepCover ECDSA/SHA-2 coprocessor, LCD, button controls, status indicators, and Wi-Fi® connectivity. Sensor endpoints include the DS28C36 DeepCover ECDSA/SHA-2 safety certifier, IR temperature sensor, and aiming laser for IR sensors. The reference design is equipped with a standard mbed connector for mbed development board testing such as the MAX32600MBED# - the two devices are integrated to represent an IoT node.

Main advantage

Fast time to market: Utilize the provided hardware and source code to implement public key security authentication node and web server interface, greatly reducing development time. Easy to use: Free use of evaluation web server, real-time IoT real-time interaction out of the box. Efficient encryption: Public key-based ECDSA provides strong security and efficient key distribution, supporting IoT deployment extensions from single-node to multi-node.

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