Microsemi's Switchtec PCIe Fabric Switch Supports Multi-Host, GPU and NVMe SSD Network Interconnection and Dynamic Allocation

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Presented the Switchtec PAX PCIe Switch at the OCP Summit held last week, demonstrating Switch networking, multi-host, GPU and NVMe SSD networking and dynamic allocation

Microsemi Corporation (NASDAQ: MSCC) announces its Switchtec PCIe Fabric Switch (PAX), a leading supplier of semiconductor technology solutions that differentiates power consumption, security, reliability and performance New features of the product. PAX supports the formation of a high-performance PCIeSwitch network. Multi-hosts, graphics processing units (GPUs), and NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) are interconnected and dynamically allocated through the PAX network. Metso showed the new product at the Open Computing Project (OCP) Summit in San Jose, California, last week.

GPUs are widely used in deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. They have made breakthroughs in image recognition, speech recognition, autopilot, bioinformatics, and video analytics. The demand for high-performance GPU parallel computing has become increasingly strong in the industry. . Microsemi's PAX products can build a scalable, low-latency and low-cost PAX network. Multiple hosts, GPUs, NVMe SSDs, and other PCIe devices can be interconnected through a PAX network. These devices form a pool of device resources. Standard operating system drivers work and no additional device driver development is required. In addition, we will provide corresponding application programming interfaces (APIs), system management will become more simple, and greatly reduce the development costs and time to market of multi-host systems.

Andrew Dieckmann, vice president of marketing at Midgo’s data center solutions, said: “Our PAX network allows users to dynamically allocate GPU resources based on load conditions to maximize efficiency. With PAX's dynamic partitioning and multi-host SRIOV sharing, GPU resources are free. Combining and dynamically assigning to one or a group of Hosts in real time, just use the operating system standard driver.

The market research institute IndustryARC expects that the GPU machine learning market will grow at a CAGR of 38% until 2024. The agency also pointed out that advanced technologies with low power consumption, high throughput and flexibility will greatly accelerate the promotion of machine learning applications worldwide.

Switchtec PAX Series Features

Metso's Switchtec PAX series includes 96 to 24 channels and offers:

High-performance PCIe Switch interconnects to solve the PCIe specification's restrictions on multi-host systems
Multi-master shared SR-IOV NVMe SSDs, GPUs, and other PCIe end devices
Virtualization of Host PCIe Domains and SR-IOV End Devices
Software Development Kit (SDK) for SR-IOV End Device Virtualization and Rack Management
Each port supports 2 to 16 industry's most flexible port width configurations
High port density of up to 48 ports
Advanced Error Reporting (AER)
Error Control (DPC) to Prevent System Crashes During Hot Plugging
Advanced diagnostics and debugging capabilities for identifying, diagnosing and fixing problems
Separate Refclk Independent SSC (SRIS) for cabled PCIe and low-cost system design

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