New TI C2000 ™ Piccolo ™ Microcontrollers Help Developers Maximize Efficiency in Cost-Sensitive Power-Control Applications

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Highly integrated system-on-chip to improve the performance of electric vehicles / HEVs, grid infrastructure and industrial applications.

Texas Instruments recently introduced the latest addition to the C2000 ™ Piccolo ™ microcontroller (MCU) portfolio. The new C2000 F28004x MCU family is optimized for power control in cost-sensitive applications such as electric vehicle car chargers, motor control inverters and industrial power supplies for superior performance. The C2000 Piccolo MCU portfolio further improves the performance of 100-MHz CPUs by adding this new real-time control unit with integrated floating point units, math accelerators and optional parallel processors, setting a new industry standard .

Developers can take advantage of the industry-leading C2000 Piccolo F28004x MCU integrated analog capabilities to reduce material costs while building smaller, more reliable systems that provide system protection and new features for high-performance power control systems. The integrated analog functions include three independent 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with post-processing hardware, advanced synchronization and programmable gain amplifiers, as well as a precision comparator and DAC subsystem and a sigma- delta filter interface.

New TI C2000 ™ Piccolo ™ Microcontrollers Help Developers Maximize Efficiency in Cost-Sensitive Power-Control Applications

Key Features and Benefits of the New C2000 F28004x MCU

Optimized performance and power: 60% lower power consumption than previous Piccolo devices; optional on-chip DC / DC converter reduces power consumption by 70%.

Advanced Drive and Design Flexibility: TI's 4th Generation High-Resolution Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) timer technology utilizes advanced high-frequency switching technology to increase efficiency and power density.

Enhanced Digital and Analog Crossbar: The combination of input, output and internal resources gives flexibility to support control and protection mechanisms.

l New Features: Embedded real-time analysis and diagnostic unit to enhance debugging capabilities, ultra-high speed serial interface to improve the baud rate within the isolation range, flexible boot mode allows developers to reduce or eliminate the boot mode pin.

Based on the Delfino ™ F2837x and Piccolo F2807x families, the new C2000 Piccolo F28004x MCUs are upgraded on a step-by-step basis. These new real-time control solutions are compatible with existing Piccolo MCU code, enabling customers to achieve superior performance at a lower cost.

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