Perfect current control of Trinamic high power stepper motors

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The TMC2160 is a versatile high voltage gate driver with step/direction interface and SPI. It achieves optimum performance in stepper motors from NEMA23 to NEMA34 and higher.

Manufacturer - TRINAMIC has released the new high-performance stepper motor driver TMC2160. This versatile chip combines a powerful external MOSFET driver stage for a wide range of applications from industrial and laboratory automation to CNC milling.

“The reason we chose stepper motors instead of gear servo drives in many applications is the inherent ruggedness and precision of stepper motors and high torque.” Trinamic founder CEO Michael Randt said, “TMC2160 uses our latest currents. Control technology enables optimum performance of stepper motors."

The integrated stepper motor driver is suitable for supply voltages from 8V to 60V and drives N-channel MOSFETs with gate currents up to 500mA for the +20A driver stage with the latest MOSFET components.

The component is controlled by a step and direction interface and can be used independently of an industrial typical motion controller that produces step signals. The stepper interpolator MicroPlyer achieves a high resolution of 1/256 microsteps by using pulses of 1/16 steps or less.

The component provides complete diagnostics and all the latest Trinamic current control technology via SPI or single-wire UART interface. Both support the use of the improved StealthChop2 for complete silent positioning. StealthChop2 includes an improved model-based current controller and SpreadCycle for ultra-fast positioning mode. Sensorless load detection or homing can be achieved with StallGuard2.

Author:Brittany Antonia (The author of article owns the copyright.)