TI Introduces 0.33" Full HD DLPPico Chipset

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) recently released the DLP Pico 0.33-inch full HD chipset in response to brand and developer expectations - they need a product platform that can integrate 1080p projection display and smaller form factor . The industry's smallest 1080p display solution includes the DLP3310 Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) and the DLPC3437 controller. Using proven DLP MEMS technology, the new DLP3310 delivers the highest brightness performance in the industry's 0.3-inch imaging panels.

With a 0.33-inch chipset, developers can create a wide range of compact, portable display applications such as mobile smart TVs, built-in battery pico projectors, smart home projection displays, digital signage and industrial solutions.

Key features and benefits of the 0.33-inch Full HD DLP Pico chipset:

The industry's smallest and brightest 1080p solution: The fast switching speed of the DMD allows each micromirror to display two completely different and independent pixels on the screen for each frame. This DLP solution not only delivers 1080p resolution on the screen, but also delivers the highest brightness performance in the same size class in the industry, providing a powerful new combination for developers of compact display products.

· Clear and sharp images and videos: The proven DLP technology delivers high-fidelity (up to 16M colors) for vibrant and colorful images.

· Efficacy: The new DLP chipset has the high efficiency to meet the increasing display requirements of battery-powered devices.

TI's partnership with the industry's broadest portfolio of micro-light engine manufacturers enables developers to access proven optical modules to accelerate product development and reduce time-to-market for innovative products.

Author:Brittany Antonia (The author of article owns the copyright.)