TI introduces the industry's SIMPLE SWITCHER(R) synchronous converter for minimal encapsulation and maximum efficiency

Sunday, June 24, 2018

- Highly Integrated, Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Buck Regulator Simplifies Industrial Power Design

Texas Instruments (NASDAQ: TXN) has announced the introduction of two wide input voltage synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER® DC/DC step-down regulators in an ultra-compact Hot RodTM QFN package. The highly integrated 3ALMR33630 and 2A LMR33620 step-down converters have the industry's best full-load efficiency (92%) and are designed for demanding industrial power supplies that are demanding and reliable; at the same time, switching frequencies can be as high as 2.1 MHz. The use of these two converters in conjunction with TI's WEBENCH® power supply design tools not only simplifies power conversion, but also speeds up the design process.

The 3.8V to 36V LMR33630 and LMR33620 buck regulators are offered in a 3mm x 2mm thermally enhanced package. This compact HotRodTM QFN package features unique wettable flanks that simplify post-weld optical inspection while simplifying the manufacturing process. It also enables the LMR33630 to have the industry's highest 0.5A/mm2 power density at 3A. The optimized package structure and symmetrical pin layout minimize parasitic inductance and help optimize the layout of input bypass capacitors, reducing conduction and radiation. Watch the "Decrease EMI and shrink solution size with HotRod package" video.

Key Features and Benefits of LMR33630 and LMR33620

The new DC/DC converters provide a working input voltage range up to 36V for nominal 12V or 24V systems, including: factory automation, home automation, motor drives, inverters, and servo control units. For applications up to 60V, TI introduced the 600mA LMR36006 and the 1.5A LMR36015 synchronous buck converter in a pin-compatible package.

The 36V regulator achieves 92% full-load efficiency at 24VIN, 5VOUT, and 400kHz switching frequency. Ultra-low 24μA typical standby quiescent current improves light load efficiency.

In addition to the QFN package, the 36-V regulator also provides a high thermal efficiency 8-pin, 5mm × 6mm small integrated circuit (SOIC) package, providing 13.8oC / W of ultra-low heat rate (ΨJB) to further improve reliability. Watch the video "Using DC/DC Converters to Balance Thermal Performance and Small Size Solutions."

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