Unisphere's RDA Launches Industry's Most Integrated NB-IoT & GSM Dual-Mode Single-Chip RDA8909

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

As a leading provider of radio frequency and mixed signal chips in China, Ricoh Microelectronics (hereinafter referred to as "RDA") today announced the RDA8909, the NB-IoT dual-mode single-chip solution with the highest level of integration in the industry. The RDA8909 supports NB-IoT and GSM / GPRS network modes and supports the 3GPP-R14 standard and can be widely used in various scale Internet of things applications such as wearable devices, smart home, smart city, and intellectual industry and agriculture. The RDA8909 brings a breakthrough product to the global IoT market with superior performance, ultralow power consumption, the highest levels of integration, and the most competitive cost.


The picture above is based on RDA8909 developed a NB-IoT & GSM dual-mode common standard module PCB schematic

RDA8909 chip integrates RF transceiver, power manager, modem, analog baseband, Flash memory, pSRAM memory, etc., but also has a built-in ESIM version, which greatly reduces the customer's terminal design difficulty and cost.

Network standard, RDA8909 supports NB-IoT and GSM / GPRS mode, including dual standby single and single standby. The chip supports ultra-wideband, including band 1/2/3/4/5/8/12/13/17/18/19/19/25/26/28/31/66/70/71 and 470-520 MHz Special network band, applicable to the global market.

In terms of communication capabilities, NB-IoT partially supports the 3GPP-R14 standard. In particular, ultra-high-speed mobility measures lab-based measurements up to 300 km / h, fundamentally solving the problem of lack of mobility in NB-IoT chips. At the same time RDA8909 excellent demodulation performance, so that the static state, low-speed mobile state, and high-speed mobile state measured results were significantly higher than similar products.

Power consumption, NB-IoT part of the ultra-low power consumption, PSM power consumption is less than 5uA, standby power consumption is less than 1mA.

In addition to WAN connectivity, the RDA8909 integrates 802.11b RX and BT4.2 / BLE functions for indoor positioning and short-range connectivity. In addition, rich peripheral interface can greatly improve system scalability.

"The introduction of the RDA8909 not only reflects RDA's rich technology accumulation and continuous technological innovation in IoT chips, but also reflects RDA's precise grasp of customer needs and market conditions," said Zeng Xuezhong, chairman of RDA. "The next step RDA Introducing the NB-IoT chip with built-in GPS, combined with RDA's low-voltage PA, will greatly broaden the market for NB-IoT applications and will continue to work closely with customers and carriers to continuously improve the price / performance ratio and competitiveness of their products. "

Compare to RDA8907