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United Monolithic Semiconductors

United Monolithic Semiconductors ( UMS ) is a global supplier of MMICs for communications, radar, electronic wafers and radio frequency systems and a subsidiary of French company Thales & EADS. Main services in aviation, communications, automotive radar, industrial, equipment and other markets. Among them, 24G radar transceiver chip has the industry's only GaAs process, the operating temperature range of -40 degrees to 125 degrees, Tx Power 13.2dBm, VCO phase noise -90dB @ 100KHz, the world's first shipments, accounting for 60% of the world market share, Above, is well-deserved radar transceiver chip industry leader.

In addition, UMS is the world's leading supplier of GaN , GaAs process microwave components. UMS's microwave communication chip covers L, S, C and above bands, and provides microwave, PA, LNA, VGA, SWITCH and other combinations of solutions, truly done a full product coverage.

Based on the above two types of standardized chips, UMS also provides Foundry service to customers. The service not only provides encapsulation, but also provides a series of services such as design, production and so on. The production line has GaN, GaAs and GeSi processes up to 400W The output power, will meet the needs of the vast majority of customers.

An extensive product line of United Monolithic Semiconductors is available at WIN SOURCE, especially for United Monolithic Semiconductors’s obsolete & end-of-life electronic components. Find more product information, please view our online inventory below. (Quick search: Filter and Display capabilities are available.)

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