Vishay's New FRED Pt Ultrafast Rectifiers


vishay ultrafast recovery rectifiers

200V and 600V devices in automotive and commercial / industrial versions, with a height of 1.3mm and a forward current of 15A

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today announced the release of 13 200V to 600VFRED Pt® ultrafast recovery rectifiers. Available in eSMP series SlimDPAK (TO-252AE) package. Each product has a car and commercial / industrial version. Vishay Semiconductors rectifiers are thinner than traditional DPAK (TO-252AA) devices and offer better thermal performance, higher power density and higher efficiency for automotive and communications applications.

The device released today is only 1.3mm high, with 200V rectifier forwards up to 10A and 600V rectifier 15A. The device occupies the same footprint as the DPAK package, a 43% thinner, making the final product more lightweight and dissipating 14% more area, resulting in lower thermal resistance. In addition, the new 15A rectifier can replace D2PAK (TO-263AB) package of devices.

Rectifier uses FRED Pt technology to achieve ultra-fast recovery time of 14ns and ultra-small reverse recovery charge in the -55 ℃ ~ +175 ℃ over the entire operating temperature range can achieve soft recovery. The forward voltage drop of the device under 4A is only 0.71V, effectively reducing power consumption and improving efficiency. The rectifier is AEC-Q101 qualified and meets automotive standards. Typical applications include automotive engine control units (ECUs), antilock brake systems (ABS), DC-DC converters in HID and LED lighting, and commercial / industrial versions of Products suitable for communication power.

The moisture sensitivity level of the new rectifier reaches level 1 of the J-STD-020 standard with a peak LF of + 260 ° C. The device is RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, making it ideal for auto-mounting and auto-optical inspection (AOI) in automotive systems.

The new ultra-fast recovery rectifier is sampling now and will be mass-produced by September 2017, with lead times ranging from eight weeks to ten weeks.

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