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Float, Level Sensors : 4 Products

The level sensors are pressure sensors used to measure the liquid level. The liquid level meter use isolated diffusion silicon sensitive element or ceramic capacitance pressure sensitive sensor, the static pressure is converted into electrical signal, and then through temperature compensation and linear correction, converted into a standard electrical signal (generally 4 ~ 20mA/1 ~ 5VDC). Level sensors are suitable for petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical and other systems and industries of all kinds of medium level measurement.
LIQUID LEVEL SENSORS / Liquid Level Monitor Digital Output
940 pieces
$2089.679 Datasheets
MIN HORIZONTAL FLOAT SWITCH M12 / A Miniature Horizontal Float Switch
930 pieces
$317.410 rohs Datasheets
FCC-FLUID LEVEL-PET / Level Sensor Output
3750 pieces
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SENSOR PRESSURE 0-10MWG 4-20MA / Liquid Level Sensor Analog (Diaphragm) 4mA ~ 20mA Output Cable Mount
3840 pieces
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