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Terminals : 1073 Products

The terminal is the most peripheral device in the computer network, which is mainly used for user information input and processing results output. With the development of mobile networks, mobile terminals have been widely used. At this point, the terminal can not only undertake input and output work, but also carry out certain operations and processing, to achieve part of the system functions.
CONN RCPT HSG 0.312 3POS BLACK / 3 Position Housing Connector Female, Receptacle Black 0.312" (7.92mm)
7480 pieces
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FASTIN-FASTON TAB 5MM SER / 0.197" (5.00mm) Quick Connect Male 12-17 AWG Crimp Connector Non-Insulated
6670 pieces
CONN QC RCPT 17-20AWG 0.250 / 0.250" (6.35mm) Quick Connect Female 17-20 AWG Crimp Connector Non-Insulated
5590 pieces
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CONN PIN RCPT .059-.063 HEX / Pin Receptacle Connector 0.059" ~ 0.063" (1.50mm ~ 1.60mm) No Tail Press-Fit, Hex
6170 pieces
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CONN SPADE TERM 14-16AWG #1/4 / Blue 1/4 Stud Spade Terminal Connector Crimp 14-16 AWG
CONN RING CIRC 18-22AWG CRIMP / Ring Terminal Connector Circular 18-22 AWG Crimp
CONN SOCKET 22-26AWG CRIMP TIN / Socket Contact Tin 22-26 AWG Crimp
4310 pieces
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CONN INLINE TAP 14-18 AWG IDC / Terminal Inline, Tap (Suitcase) Connector IDC 10-12 AWG; 14-18 AWG Brown
4970 pieces
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CONN SOCKET 17-20AWG CRIMP TIN / Socket Contact Tin 17-20 AWG Crimp
4440 pieces
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KK 044 SQ PIN 0750 TIN / Terminal Connector
CONN FERRULE DIN 20AWG WHITE / White Wire Ferrule Connector DIN 20 AWG (0.50mm²) Single Wire
5230 pieces
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PVC INS RING TERM 8 AWG / Ring Terminal Connector 10 Stud Circular 8 AWG Crimp
6190 pieces
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CONN FERRULE DIN 16AWG BLACK / Black Wire Ferrule Connector DIN 16 AWG (1.50mm²) Single Wire
CONN RCPT SLEEVE 0.25 CLEAR / Position Sleeve Connector Female, Receptacle Clear 0.250" (6.35mm)
7160 pieces
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CONN QC RCPT 18-22AWG 0.187 / 0.187" (4.75mm), 0.205" (5.21mm) Quick Connect Female 18-22 AWG Crimp Connector Fully Insulated
CONN TERM RECT RING 25MM #M6 / Ring Terminal Connector M6 Stud Flat Sided, Tubular (Battery Lugs) 25mm² Crimp
CONN QC RCPT 18-22AWG 0.187 / 0.187" (4.75mm) Quick Connect Female 18-22 AWG Crimp Connector Fully Insulated
110 FAST RCPT 18-22 010PTPBR / 0.110" (2.79mm) Quick Connect Female 18-22 AWG Crimp Connector Non-Insulated
5220 pieces
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5260 pieces
CONN TERM RECT LUG 6-14AWG #3/16 / Terminal Connector Rectangular Lug, Grounding 6-14 AWG 3/16 Stud
6770 pieces
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CONN QC RCPT 12-16AWG 0.250 / 0.250" (6.35mm) Quick Connect Female 12-16 AWG Crimp Connector Non-Insulated
5620 pieces
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FEMALE DISCONNECT VINYL INS / 0.187" (4.75mm) Quick Connect Female 14-16 AWG Crimp Connector Non-Mating End Insulated
5560 pieces
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CONN TERM RECT TONG 1 AWG #1/4 / Terminal Connector Rectangular Rectangular Tongue 1 AWG 1/4 Stud
4660 pieces
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