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Inductor, also called choke, reactor, dynamic reactor, is an electric component that converts electrical energy into magnetic energy for storage. Inductors are generally consisted of skeleton, winding, shield, encapsulation material, magnetic core or iron core. The inductor is similar in structure to a transformer. An inductor has a certain inductance, which only prevents the current from changing. If the inductor is in a state where no current is flowing through it, it will try to block the current from flowing through it when the circuit is switched on; if the inductor has current flowing through it, it will try to maintain the current when the circuit is disconnected. An inductor has the characteristic of preventing alternating current from passing through while allowing direct current to pass through. The higher the frequency becomes, the higher the coil impedance. The main function of the inductor is to isolate and filter the AC signal or form a resonant circuit with capacitors.
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