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RF/IF and RFID : 14643 Products

A reader, an electrical tag and data management system constitute an integrated RFID system. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is also regarded as a type of automatic identification technology. It carries out non-contact bidirectional data communication through radio frequency, and uses radio frequency to read and write the recording media (electronic tag or radio frequency card), so as to achieve the purpose of identifying the target and data exchange. RFID is mainly used in logistics, transportation, identity identification, anti-counterfeiting, asset management, information statistics, security control and so on. Products derived from RFID technology are always divided into following parts: passive RFID products, active RFID products and semi-active RFID products. The carrier of RFID is generally characterized by waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance to ensure the stability of radio frequency identification technology in the application. RFID also has advantages in real-time update data, storage information, service life, work efficiency, security and other aspects.
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