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OEM Parts (F - I) : 8656 Products

850MHZ, OUTPUT LIMITING, LOW DIS / Current Feedback Amplifier 1 Circuit 8-SOIC
IC VOICE REC/PLAY 24SEC 16DIP / Voice Record/Playback IC Single Message 8 ~ 24 Sec Pushbutton 16-DIP
IC OPAMP GP 2 CIRCUIT 8DIP / General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit 8-PDIP
Special Config For Cisco
810 pieces
HOT-SWAPPABLE, ROBUST-EMC BIDIRE / I²C, SPI Digital Isolator 5000Vrms 5 Channel 50Mbps 50kV/µs CMTI 16-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width)
8000 pieces
IGBT 1200V 30A 217W TO247-3 / IGBT Trench Field Stop 1200 V 30 A 217 W Through Hole PG-TO247-3-1
1452 pieces
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Relay Ssr 20MA 1.7V Dc-in 0.8A 90V Ac/dc-out 8-PIN Cdip SMD
747 pieces
Multi-Standard CMOS Singl Chip Telephone IC with Dual Soft Clipping SOP-28 T/R
IC MCU 32BIT ROMLESS 256HQFP / SH-3 DSP series Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 200MHz ROMless
SRAM Chip Sync Single 3.3V 2Mbit 256K X 8 15ns 8-Pin SOIC Tray
10575 pieces
Cap Ceramic 2.2uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 1210 125C
16882 pieces
68 pieces
ISO7730-Q1 HIGH SPEED, ROBUST EM / General Purpose Digital Isolator 5000Vrms 3 Channel 100Mbps 85kV/µs CMTI
27651 pieces
HFD3 Series 2 A DPDT 3 VDC l Coil Latching Subminiature Signal DIP Relay
Watchdog SMD, TC1232D, SO-8, RoHS
3924 pieces
ESD Suppressor TVS 8V 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R
HFE20 Series 12 V 5 mm Pin 1 FORM A Sealed Miniature Dual Coil Latching Relay
OPTOISO 3.75KV TRANSISTOR 8SOIC / Optoisolator Transistor Output 3750Vrms 1 Channel 8-SO
93700 pieces
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DC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W / Isolated Module DC DC Converter 1 Output 5V 200mA 4.75V - 5.25V Input
10000 pieces
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IC OFFLINE SWITCH FLYBACK 7DIP / Converter Offline Flyback Topology 50kHz 7-DIP
21448 pieces
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CONN HEADER VERT 12POS 2.54MM / Connector Header Through Hole 12 position 0.100" (2.54mm)
62 pieces
OP Amp Quad GP 32V 14-Pin SOP T/R
3000 pieces
DGTL ISO 2500VRMS 4CH GP 16SOIC / General Purpose Digital Isolator 2500Vrms 4 Channel 25Mbps 25kV/µs CMTI 16-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width)
78400 pieces
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Magnetoresistive Sensor 2-Axis 4(mV/V/Gs) 20-Pin SOIC
Signal Relay 24VDC 1A DPDT( (10mm 7.8mm 5.2mm)) SMD
15890 pieces
Relay HF41F/012-ZS, 6A, coil voltage 12VDC, changeover contact (1C), coil power 170mW, 6A/30V DC, 6A/250VAC
10000 pieces
Bussmann GMA-2 / Fuse 2 Amp 5X20MM F/b
Transistor, 0.5 to 3.5 GHz, 30 dBm, 13 dB, 5 V, SOT-89, AlGaAs/InGaAs
Power Relay 5VDC 3DC/5AAC SPST-NO( (20.5mm 7.2mm 15.3mm)) THT
61216 pieces
HZM6.8N - ZENER DIODE / Zener Diode 7 V 200 mW ±2% Surface Mount 3-MPAK
147000 pieces
Highly Integrated AC/DC Primary-Side Rapid Charge PWM Controller Supporting XM-Comm Technology
10300 pieces