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Crystals and Oscillators : 5132 Products

Some electronic devices require AC signals with high frequency stability, while LC oscillators have poor stability and are prone to frequency drift. In the oscillator using a special element - quartz crystal, can produce a highly stable signal, the use of quartz crystal oscillator called the crystal oscillator. Crystal oscillators are mainly compose of crystal and peripheral components. Crystal oscillators have the physical characteristics of the piezoelectric effect, which can produce very weak periodic oscillating signal, then the signal can be used as a signal source after amplification and filtering. Crystal oscillators are mainly used in color TV circuits, computer motherboards, induction cookers and so on. Our main products of crystal oscillators are as follows: Crystals, oscillators, programmable oscillators, resonators, VCOs(voltage controlled oscillators), pin configurable/selectable oscillators, sockets and insulators.
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