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OEM Parts (0 - 9) : 6192 Products

Diode Schottky 150V 10A Automotive 3-Pin(2+Tab) D2PAK T/R
39022 pieces
TRANSFORMER LAN 10/100 SMD / 350┬ÁH LAN 10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformer 1:1 Surface Mount
44182 pieces
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CONN HEADER R/A 6POS 2.5MM / Connector Header Through Hole, Right Angle 6 position 0.098" (2.50mm)
130 pieces
rohs Datasheets
SENSOR ROTARY 340DEG WIRE LEADS / Resistive Sensor Rotary Position Exposed Element - Rotary Wire Leads
40 pieces
74AHC1G4214GW/SOT353/UMT5 / Counter IC Divide-by-2 1 Element 14 Bit Negative Edge 5-TSSOP
12200 pieces
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Trans GP BJT NPN 50V 0.15A 150mW Automotive 3-Pin S-Mini T/R
39470 pieces
Rectifier Diode Switching Si 85V 0.1A 4ns Automotive 3-Pin S-Mini T/R
39998 pieces
Pneumatic Ocean Side Feed Applicator for SP Wire Form 5.1mm Width Crimp Terminals
Voltage Mode PWM Controller 19V 100mA 600kHz 16-Pin CDIP Tube
Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 33.3V 1.5KW Automotive 2-Pin SMC T/R
2260 pieces
High-density 40GbE/10GbE Packet Processor
CONN SOCKET 12-17AWG CRIMP TIN / Socket Contact Tin 12-17 AWG Crimp Power
110 pieces
CONN HEADER VERT 34POS 2.54MM / Connector Header Through Hole 34 position 0.100" (2.54mm)
Rotary Handle; S01; C/FD Series; Red/Yellow; NEMA 4/4X; IP65; Vari Depth
Conn Hard Metric HDR 120 POS 2mm Press Fit ST Thru-Hole
870 pieces
Power Umac Arm 2 Core Cpu Conf
Cap Ceramic 27pF 250V C0G 1% Pad SMD 0603 125C T/R
1224 pieces
Monahans P, 806 MHz, X8 NAND, Standard Power, Extended Temp
Electromechanical Relay SPDT 15A 12VDC 225Ohm Through Hole
4150 pieces
Cap Film 0.47uF 1200V PP 10% (46 X 17.7 X 27.1mm) Axial 0.007 Ohm 105C
700 pieces
5680 pieces
6 port Switch; GE Phys & 2.5Gbps SERDES; I-temp
2451 pieces
400 pieces
Mpu Armada 380 Risc 32-BIT 1866MHZ 1.2V/1.35V/1.5V Tfbga
651 pieces