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Isolators : 11034 Products

Isolators are a kind of linear optical coupling isolation principle that output and convert the input signal. The input, output and working power supply are isolated from each other. Isolator, also known as signal isolator, is an significant part of industrial control system. Isolators have many advantages, such as anti-interference and low power consumption. Power consumption refers to the electrical energy consumed when the isolator is working. It relates to the calorific value of the product at work. This parameter is closely associated with the service life, reliability, appearance and installation mode of the isolator. WINSOURCE’s isolators are all low-power-consumed products. The signal isolator is more superior than the isolation card in the isolation ability, anti-electromagnetic interference and other aspects. Isolators have flexible application, and model conversion and signal distribution functions, so they are used more conveniently. The signal isolator usually has single channel and double channel, which are completely independent of each other.
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