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Certifications and Affiliations
Focus on Quality

As an industry-leading distributor of electronic components, WINSOURCE strive for excellence and keep improving our components and product requirements. We have been widely recognized by many third-party qualification certification and industry organizations. We promise to strictly control product quality and provide reliable quality.


Through third-party certification, we strictly control the quality of products and services.


We sell products that meet aerospace industry standards through strict requirements and standards.

ISO 9001: 2008

We follow a strict quality management system to provide trustworthy electronic components.

ISO 13485

Our products meet the standards of the medical device quality assurance system and are widely used in the medical device industry.

ISO 28000: 2007

We value product quality and ensure compliance with the requirements of the transport and logistics industry.

ISO 14001

We have obtained environmental management system certification and are committed to creating a green business.

ISO 45001:2018

We pay attention to building a safe workplace and care about the occupational health and safety of employees.

Memberships and Affiliations

As a multi-year member of various industry bodies, we are aware of the latest industry news and constantly updating our technology to
stay at the forefront of the industry.


As a member of ERAI, we keep abreast of counterfeit, defective, high-risk models and other information.


WINSOURCE’s ESD Association membership helps us to conduct effective ESD control.


WINSOURCE’s ASA Association membership helps us stay up to date with the regulatory to follow in the aerospace parts supply industry.


As a member of IPC, we provide more reliable, high-quality products through the use of services such as IPC standards, certification and training.


Our SMTA membership supports our mission to advance technical knowledge through conferences, training and so on.


We actively participate in the PSMA Technical Forums as a member to exchange industry information.


As a member of OPTICA, we continue to pay attention to the development of optics and photonics around the world, and obtain high-quality scientific and technical information.


WINSOURCE’s IMAPS Association membership helps us drive the advancement and development of microelectronics and electronic packaging technology.


NBAA provides more than 100 products and services to the business aviation community and helps make our businesses more efficient, productive and successful.


MEPTEC has provided a forum for us to learn and exchange ideas that relate to packaging, assembly, and test. MEPTEC continuously strives to improve and elevate the roles of assembly and test professionals in the industry.


IIOM International is dedicated to improving the knowledge and best practice of Obsolescence practitioners through education, networking, and process development.


We join AMA, the network of the key industry for technical innovations. AMA links up science and industry, resulting in major impulses for the joint development of innovative solutions now and in the future.


JEDEC brings manufacturers and suppliers together, with the mission to meet the diverse technical and developmental needs of the microelectronics industry.


As the first industry association supporting electronics hardware, ELCINA has established itself as an interactive forum for us and electronics manufacturers.


In the SEMI,we work with our members to address common industry challenges and synchronize innovation to speed business results.


We continue to innovate in the semiconductor industry through communication and collaboration in NMI.

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