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Relays : 5877 Products

A relay is an electrical control device that can give a specified amount of input and hold it long enough to make a predetermined change in the controlled amount in the electrical output circuit. When the input drops to a certain level and remains for a long enough time, it will return to the initial state. As a control electronic element, the relay has the function of expanding the control range, automatic remote control and detection. WINSOURCE will ensure the normal operation of the relay through the following main test items: action value, contact resistance, mechanical life, contact voltage, electrical lifetime, overload capacity. In terms of the working principle, relays can be divided into electromagnetic relays, induction relays, electric relays, electronic relays and so on. As an automatic switching component with isolation function, relays are widely used in remote control, telemetry, communication, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment. WINSOURCE’s featured products of relays are power relays, solid state relays, time delay relays, automotive relays, and safety relays, etc.
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