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Here, you can learn about how to use WIN SOURCE online store.



WIN SOURCE is an online electronic components store. Founded in 1999, we now serve customers from 100+ countries and specialize in offering a wide range of obsolete and common-used electronic parts with 500,000+ SKUs. We also provide online line cards, inventory, and purchasing.

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Q: What are the advantages of buying from WIN SOURCE superstore?


The WIN SOURCE site is where you can find and buy hot-sale and hard-to-find inventory with competitive pricing and where you can rely on to purchase original and authentic Inventory. Our high-quality and professional team is dedicated to providing unrivaled services, offering customers quick and accurate finish procurement targets.


<500,000 SKUs Inventory>

<24 Hours Shipment>

<3 Years Guaranty>


Q: Is WIN SOURCE ISO 9001 Certified?

WIN SOURCE's operations ,from order entry through shipping ,have been fully ISO certified since 2015 and are re-certified on an annual basis.

<Quality Policy>

<ISO9001:2015 Certificate of Registration>


Q: What certification did WIN SOURCE get?

The resulting quality certifications, including AS9120, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001 ,and ERAI certified are a proud reflection of our core business practices.

 <AS9120 Certificate of Registration>

< ISO9001:2015 Certificate of Registration>

< ISO14001 Certificate of Registration>

< ERAI Certificate of Registration>



Q:What are the business hours of WIN SOURCE?

Although we accept quotation requests and orders anytime 24 hours a day, we provide quotations and process orders during business time.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:30pm (GMT+8)

 * Our services may be stopped temporarily for system maintenance. Please check the general information on the top screen.





Q: Why register?

While not required to order online, there are many advantages to having a WIN SOURCE account, such as:

(1)Track shipments

(2)Reorder a previous order

(3)Get current order status

(4)View Orders with open Lines

(5)View Shipment History

(6)View order History

(7)View an Invoice or account statement

(8)Customize your need

(9)Modify personal information

(10)Use our support tools such as Upload BOMs tool and Submit RFQs,etc.

All of these features will enhance your experience on WIN


Q: How to register as a member of WIN SOURCE?

1.Click the “register” button in the upper left corner of the homepage to enter the page of User Information.

2.Please fill out each item of this form, read theWin Source Private Policy and  Terms & Conditions Policy , then click “Register”.

※Please be sure to input the required information.

3.You will receive an e-mail that “WIN SOURCE. Email validation”.Click the link to activate your account.Once activated, you can log in with your registration ID and password, and enjoy membership rights and benefits.

※Tips: Please enter more than six English letters or digitals as the password of your preferred ID.



 Make an order


Q: Can I place an order offline?

We recommend you place an order online, but we also accept offline orders as part of our customer-focused philosophy.

(1) By the Internet: Order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We recommend you place orders online to save your time and ensure the availability of products.

(2) By Mail:  We acknowledge that some of our customers are unable to place orders online. If you'd like to submit your purchase orders via email, please send us a note to [email protected].  One of our customer service representatives will help you.

Reminder: By purchasing offline, there will be a delay before your order is entered and the inventory secured, which may cause another buyer purchase your parts before your order is entered.

※ If your need is urgent and the parts are in short supply, Please contact our customer service representatives to help you customize your requirements.

※ All transactions with WIN SOURCE Corporation, including its subsidiaries or affiliates, are subject to WIN SOURCE’s Terms of Use and Conditions of Order, available at Terms & Conditions.

※ Please confirm the characteristics and specifications of the products when ordering. We will not take any responsibility for ordering the wrong product by personal mistake.

※ We do not accept partial payments for the order. Even if the delivery date for some items is delayed, all goods will be arranged once we receive the whole payments.

※ We accept sample Orders.


Q: How do I place an order with WIN

We will deliver the product you want immediately through the following simple

Steps: Create Your Cart -> Shipping and Billing Address->Shipping method -> Payment Options -> Order Finish

Please follow instructions displayed on the cart screen, and specify payment method and delivery destination to complete order.

※If you have special order instructions,please note them on the ordering pages.

※If you have  any questions or experience any problems, please mail to our customer service representatives for assistance [email protected].

 When ordering, please enter the purchased quantity on the Product Specification Information Page, which needs to be more than the minimum order quantity.


If you have some special order instructions, and have any questions or experience any problems, please mail one of our customer service representatives for assistance at [email protected].


Q: Did you receive an order confirmation e-mail?

After confirming the order, you will receive an e-mail which is titled “Order receipt from WIN SOURCE”.

After the payment is complete, you will also receive an e mail confirming the payment which titled "Order 198677 be paid (WIN SOURCE Electronics)".


Q:How to check my order status or purchasing history?

※ Registered users can check the order status by logging in to My--Account -- Order Management, which is very useful when buying the same items again.

Non-register users can check the status of their order by contacting our customer service staff directly.


 Order Status:

※ Pending: unpaid,and the order waiting for be confirmed

※ Processing: an order that has been paid and is waiting for delivery

※ Complete: successfully delivered


Q: Can I changes or cancels my order?

Changes: Most bookings made at Win Source are final. If the product has not yet been shipped, you can contact our customer service representatives to change the order details, such as delivery destination, splitting delivery, changing the delivery time, or designating a consolidated shipment for multiple orders.


Please be forewarned that orders cannot be canceled after shipping the packages.

If cancellation is acceptable, we will send you an e-mail notifying you that the cancellation has been completed. In this case, if you have already paid, we will refund the full amount to you.


Q: What is MOQ displayed in the search results?

MOQ means the Minimum Order Quantity required to purchase each parts.

Depending on the product, you need to purchase at least one or more units. In such cases, please enter the requested quantity that is the same as or more than the MOQ on the shopping cart screen.

※ Please enter the requested quantity as "1" in the quotation cart and request a quotation, and we will inform you of the MOQ in the quotation we provide. (*Please confirm the validity period of the quotation with your sales representative. Please place orders as soon as possible before the expiry date because the price and conditions may change.)


Q: The products have been ordered,and the payment is complete, but no email was received:what should I do?

If you did not receive the email, it may be due to the following reasons.

1. When ordering, I entered the wrong email address.

⇒ In this case, we can receive your order, and try to let you know, so please wait.

2. The order has not been finalized, so the order has not been confirmed (remains in the shopping cart)

⇒ We have not received your order yet. Please try again.

3. The email cannot be easily transferred to the customer due to server maintenance by the service provider or it is in the spam folder. Gmail's spam exclusion settings (for reference)



Q: Is a product secured when it is added to the shopping cart?

No. Even if you added a product to the shopping cart, the product is not secured until you complete your order. If you add a product to the shopping cart after logging in, it will be stayed in the cart for seven days. However, the price and delivery date may change. We recommend that you proceed to order placement as soon as possible after adding a product to the shopping cart.


Q: Inventory

Our inventory is constantly changing as we have online and offline orders daily, so sometimes there will be a delay in inventory status updates.

We try our best to update the inventory status in real time, but please note that some products may be sold out before you order.

Please purchase the products you need in time.

If our online inventory quantity does not meet your needs, please contact us.

We reserve the right to stop selling products without notice in advance and we do not guarantee that we will continue to hold the same products. Our technical staff will be happy to advise you on product specifications or any issues or seeking  a replacement.



Request a quote


Q: How to request a quote for one or multiple electronic parts number?

Log in and Select the “Support” in the home page navigation bar and enter submit RFQs & BOMs page.

Search the full serial electronic parts’ number online , check the online quote, and make an online purchase.

Quick Quote: Email quote or contact our sales persons via the online chats at the bottom-right corner of the page.

*If you can’t find the online price, you can request it by clicking the "Quote Request" button.

*You can also directly click CONTACT US at the bottom of the product’s introduction page to enquiry without registration.

&If you have a long-term purchase demand for the goods, or need to make a bulk purchase, please contact our sales staff to get a relatively preferential price.

*Please provide the following items when enquiring,which will improve the accuracy and speed of the quotation.

Part numbers, Manufacturers, Quantity, Do you need RoHS or Lead-free? ,Whether the current product is a discontinued productIf you need designated date code parts?


Q:Can I perform list searches at

Our Upload BOMs tool takes the time-consuming work out of sourcing shortage lists. Instead of keying in part numbers one by one, you can upload a parts list to get stock info (quantities, multiple price breaks, availability/lead-Time, manufacturer, and other important information.) Within several minutes, you'll receive a responses via email with corresponding match lists of available inventory and the opinion to download to desktop quotes. Inventory listings published to WIN SOURCE are refreshed as often as every 10 minutes and are current and are purchasable in real time.


Q: When can I get a quote

Normally, the quote feedback will be given within 3 minutes to 24 hours (during working hours). We will answer as soon as possible, although there may be a period of extension.


Q: Is there an expiry date for quotations?


Quotations are valid for ten days from the date provided. However, since the products are not yet secured at the time of quotation, we may not be able to deliver the products according to the conditions described, as the inventory status might have changed. In such cases, we will inform you immediately.



Q: What is BOM Batch Searching?

Upload your BOMs table (Bill of Materials) , and you can get a quote immediately (with price and delivery date).It simplifies and efficiently carries out troublesome tasks such as searching for parts, selecting inventory, and purchasing parts one by one.

By uploading a bill of materials (BOM) to the BOMs submitting page, you can search, select, and purchase parts in bulk.

※Please use it when purchasing multiple parts at once.

※Membership registration is required when using it.




Gift Points/ Credits


Q: What are the Gift Points or Credits?

If you register as a member of WIN SOURCE, the first order made by new users will be rewarded with a $5 credit on their membership card. Meanwhile, every online shopping for $100 will receive a $5 reward, and you can get corresponding discounts while using the credits.

In addition, you can receive the information on special offer products through email magazines.

Just register your name, email address, etc. Member registration does not require any registration fee or annual fee.

※ Credits can be used from the second and subsequent orders.

If you are a membership, please log in first.

If you shop after logging in, you will receive the corresponding credits based on the fee you pay.

100 credits = $5 (※ the amount of the subsidy is based on the total cost of the order. ※)

Please note that if you order by phone or email, you will not get the credits.

※Here is an example of credits subsidy:

If you purchase a total amount (including delivery costs) of $380, the subsidy will be 3*5=$15.

If you are a membership, you can use the credits at any time.


Q: How to check the credits ?

You can check the credits and its usage history in My account - Reward Credits.


Q:  Return/Cancel Credits

For orders that are returned or cancelled due to the customer's own reasons, the added credits will be deducted after the returned products or canceled orders are received.


Q:  Expiration of credits

The credits in your card are valid for two years from the date of your last purchase.

Membership registration on January 1st, 2014

→Credits got through shopping on January 2nd, 2014

→Credits will be valid untill January 2nd, 2016.

Q:  Could I use reward points in my offline orders with my sales representative or my NET Terms order?

Reward points are only available for online orders.





Q:What forms of payment can you use in WIN SOURCE?

The payment method can be chosen from the four methods shown below:

TT in advance (bank transfer), Credit Card, Credit account (Net 30) * Application required, PayPal, Western Union.

(1) TT in advance (bank transfer)

This is the method where the product is shipped after you deposit payment into the bank account as designated and described in the notification email sent to you on completion of the order. Please transfer money within two business days from the date of order placement. The product is shipped after we confirm payment. We designate the account for transfer in each case. The customer is responsible for the payment of the bank transfer fee. Please note that the transfer certificate (payment slip) takes the place of the receipt.

(2) Credit Card

This is a credit card transaction. The credit cards that can be used for payment are Visa, Master, JCB and AMEX. Select the credit card as the payment method on the order condition setting screen and enter the card number and expiry date. The credit card is authorized immediately.  

(3) Credit account payment (Net 30) * Application required

This is the payment method through an account transaction for members who have completed the screening process prescribed. Net 30 payment terms will be given by the approval. The member must undergo the screening process prescribed by us in advance.

(4) PayPal

This is a transaction through PayPal. To use this settlement, the member needs to sign up and have a PayPal account before completing their transaction.

(5) Western Union

The Western Union is a rapid payment method, providing a convenient way to our customers that does not required you to have a bank account to complete payment.  


Q: Who is responsible for VAT and other tax fees?

According to custom’s law in the destination country, you may be charged shipping taxes, VAT, port handling fees and other customs charges, which will be calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods. The taxes on goods are not being included in the price of the online order. Any taxes will be billed directly to you by the global carrier on your international shipment.


Q: Can I get an invoice and receipt?

After you place the order, we will send the invoices and receipts to your email and provide receipts and invoices by supplying it with the product at the time of shipment.

If you need the detailed invoice information and tax ID of your order, please contact our customer service finance [email protected].


Q: What should I do when I exited the ordering page without completing the payment?

Please turn to the bank listed in the email titled “Thank you for ordering on xxxx” or login to My Account and go to the page of order detail, then click retry payment to pay.





Q:How is shipping arranged?

Customers can choose industry-leading freight companies, including DHL Express WorldWide Service, FedEx International Priority, UPS Worldwide Express Saver and Registered Mail.No shipment handling charges be included.

You can select whether to charge to a shipping account or to charge the WIN SOURCE shipping account by payingthe prefixed cost at the time of order. All relevant shipping and tracking information, including airway bill numbers, is provided automatically upon shipment of each purchase.


Q: How can I find my shipping rates and charges before checkout?

Shipping rates for your order can be found in the shopping cart.

estimate shipping fee

When purchasing from our website, you can view all shipping options and rates by clicking the shipping estimate link in the shopping cart. On all other sites, the shopping cart will automatically display applicable shipping charges for your order. Shipping charges can also be found throughout the checkout process on the Shipping Method page and Review page prior to submitting your order.

※ Please confirm with the transport company if your address is in a remote area before delivery.

It may cost extra fees (40-80 USD) for delivery in those areas.

※The shopping cart will automatically calculate the shipping cost. Please add the items you prefer to buy into the shopping cart and check it on the ordering pages.


Q: When Can I Expect Shipment?

Orders placed after the cut-off times (Monday-Friday 5pm GMT+8) or on weekends (including public holidays) will begin processing the next business day.

All of the in-stock components will be shipped within 24 hours.

WIN SOURCE’s warehouse is open and staffed Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m(GMT+8), subject to holidays. Orders are shipped only on these business days. Orders and correspondence received on Saturday and Sunday will ordinarily be addressed/shipped on the following Monday and included in that day's business.

*Please be forewarned that the expected ship date for the quoted product may vary depending on the status of delivery from the progress of shipping. 

※From Monday to Friday, all the packages will be arranged shipment at 18:00 (the order deadline is 2pm, HK Time).

※ The delivery principle is like the above, except weekends and National Holidays.

※The following exceptions can cause orders to be reviewed before shipment. Most exceptions are cleared immediately but some may cause an order to ship one day later.

- If you provide any special instructions on your order

- Laking the required shipping information

- Partial payment

- Import restrictions in some countries


Q: Delivery date: usually 2 to 7 on working days

※If the parts are temporarily out of stock, or if the goods exceed to the shipping amount on that day, then orders will be shipped on the next working day.

※If you need to expedite the processing of the order, it is recommended to ship the goods through your own transportation account.

※If the product does not arrive after one week, please contact our service representative.


Q: Delivery time

Basically, we will deliver the packages that have been paid before 14:00 on working days, Saturday and Sunday and other holidays are our resting days.

For example, if you pay at 13:00 on Friday, the goods will be loaded on the transportation vehicle on Friday night. If you pay at 16:00 on Friday, it will be delivered to your destination on Monday night.


Q: How can I track my package?

Once your order has been processed for shipment, you will receive an email advising you of the shipping status of your order and its tracking number, if applicable. When the tracking numbers are present, you can click on the link, and it will take you directly to the carriers' website so that you can track your order.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours before carriers will display tracking information.

If you have any questions about shipping, please send us a note to the  logistics [email protected].


Q: When will I receive my package?

In normal conditions, express delivery needs 3-5 days, Registered mail needs 25-60 days. 


Q: Why if I ordered on Friday morning were my products not sent untill coming Monday?

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience to you. We only work on transportation from Monday to Friday and rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. If the order’s quantity exceeds our shipping capacity on Friday night, your products still may not be processed and may be shipped on Monday, even if we receive your order on Friday.

If you urgently need material, please contact our service representative aftering ordering.Thank you for your understanding and support.


Q: Could I appoint /change the delivery date/delivery time?

It is not possible to appoint a date of delivery. Please note that the delivery time will be affected by aspects such as a delivery address, area, the goods themselves, and some force majeure factors like traffic conditions and weather, so it may not be delivered at the appointed time.



 Return and Warranty


Q:What is the process for returns or replacement?

All goods will undergo Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), selected at random from all batches of your order to do a systematic inspection before arranging the shipment.

If there is something wrong with the product we delivered, we will accept the replacement or return of the product only when all of the below conditions are fulfilled: 

(1) There are any problems with the product we delivered, such as a deficiency in quantity, delivery of wrong items, and apparent external defects (breakage and rust, etc.), and we acknowledge such problems. 

(2) We are informed of the defect described in above within 3 years after delivery of the product. 

(3) The product is unused and only in the original unpacked packaging. 

Two processes to return the products:

(1) Inform us within 3 years

(2) Obtain Requesting Return Authorizations

For more details about returning electronic components please see our  Return Policy





Q: How to contact us and get support?

Our Customer Service Representatives are happy to help you place an order, and to help remedy any problems or answer any questions that may arise in connection with your order. You can contact our support team via live online chat, email, or phone. Please send email inquiries to [email protected]. For phone inquiries, please call us at: 008675583957316. Live chat is available under the menu Support > Live Chat at the top of the page.


Q: Recommended computer operating environment

Please enable Internet Explorer (IE7 / IE8 / IE9 / IE10 / IE11) and cookies.

- Please use the latest browser. If the latest browser is not available, you may not be able to order.


Q: Service is not available

We are a global distributor of electronic components, so we do not offer the following services: Circuit / Board Design / Manufacturing / Mediation, Custom Kits, Instrument Calibration, and Repair Services. If you need these services above mentioned, we will be glad to recommend other service suppliers to you.


Q: Can I advertise on the WIN SOURCE website?

Sorry, we are not currently posting any advertisements or banners.


Q: Service available

I am in a hurry to find alternative models of discontinued products. Can you help me?

Our experienced engineers will help you find the right alternative or compatible product. Please provide the complete model, compatible type, and device’s usage scope.

Compatible types:

(1) Fully compatible: Pinouts and functions are identical, do no need to replace the substrate.

(2) Pin Compatibility: The pinouts are identical, but there are some differences in functionality.

(3) Functional compatibility: Pinouts are different but functionally identical.

(4) Similar items: Although the pinouts and functions are different, there are similarities.


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