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Capacitors : 34088 Products

Sandwiched between a layer of non-conductive insulation, two conductors close to each other, which constitutes a capacitor. A capacitor is a component that stores charge, and its storage is called capacity. Capacitors can be generally divided into fixed capacitors and variable capacitors. Fixed capacitors’ capacity can not be changed, and variable capacitors’ capacity can be manually adjusted. A capacitor stores an electric charge when a voltage is applied between its two plates. The capacitance of a capacitor is numerically equal to the ratio of the charge on a conductive plate to the voltage between the two plates. Capacitors play an important role in tuning, bypassing, coupling and filtering circuits. Capacitors are mainly used in transistor radio tuning circuit, color television coupling circuit and bypass circuit. Main products of capacitors in WINSOURCE are as follows: Aluminum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, niobium oxide capacitors, tantalum capacitors, silicon capacitors, variable capacitors, etc.
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