Recently, we have found many fake websites with similar or identical page layout and design to WIN SOURCE.
Please be careful with these lookalike & fake website, which may steal your money or personal information.
We will be happy to provide you with a validcertificates to help you distinguish the real from the fake if you need it.


Please note that the only official website & email suffix are 

Recently ,We have discovered that criminals falsely claimed to be

WIN SOURCE to commit fraud.


Most scams are presented in the form of emails. These emails often masquerade winsource’s email address or referencing the winsource in some way in the reply-to address.


The shortage of electronic components in the market is seen by scammers as a prime opportunity to catch manufacturers and other customers with actual needs off guard. We ask that you please be alert for any email you may receive that claims to be affiliated with WIN SOURCE and that asks for any personal information, contact information, credit card number, etc. These messages are almost always fraudulent and designed to gather data that can be used for identity theft or financial abuse.


The only official website and email suffix is win-source.net.

Do not trust emails or texts from sources that you do not know.

Look at both the display name and the email address of the sender, and see if you recognize them.

Also be suspicious of prevalent spelling and grammar errors, false information such as incorrect department names, and requests for personal information or credentials.


WIN SOURCE and other administrative and international branch units

Will NEVER under any circumstances ask you to provide your password, social security number, protected health information, or other personal information in an email. ANY email you receive asking for such information, regardless of the alleged source, should be considered fraudulent and deleted immediately.

While we may ask you to log in to your profile to register for an event, participate in WIN SOURCE or update your contact information, we will not ask you to send your social security number, bank account information, or credit card information directly to us. Electronic and paper invoices will direct you to our secure PCI-compliant payment page.

If you have any questions about the validity of a message from WIN SOURCE 鈥?from staff, our officers, our website or our e-newsletter provider, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

We thank you for your continued diligence in recognizing and avoiding phishing scams.