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LED Thermal Products : 4 Products

The main function of the thermal products is to continuously export and emit the heat generated in the LED chip to the environment, so that the temperature of the chip is kept within the required range, so as to ensure that the LED lamps can work normally. The stand or fall of the thermal products mainly depends on the heat resistance of the radiator. LED lamps radiator must have a certain heat dissipation area, at the same time the production of radiator materials must have a certain thermal conductivity and high thermal radiation coefficient; In addition, the thermal conductive material itself should also have the characteristics of light weight, easy processing and low price.
RECT HEAT SINK GENERAL PURPOSE / series Rectangular General Purpose Heat Sink
5100 pieces
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ROUND HEAT SINK LMH2 LED MODULE / series Round LMH2 TrueWhite® LED Module Heat Sink
4460 pieces
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HEATSINK 20W MR16 CONFIG BLACK / Heat Sink Passive Panel Mount Aluminum
1100 pieces
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1700 pieces
Lowest to $17.819 rohs Datasheets
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