Recently, we have discovered that criminals falsely claimed to be WIN SOURCE to commit fraud.
The shortage of electronic components in the market is seen by scammers as a prime opportunity to catch manufacturers and other consumers with actual needs off guard.
Please note that the only official website & email suffix are
WIN SOURCE does not have any other Company Name or Website.


Digital Core Design

Founded in 1969, headquartered in California, USA, Digital Power Corporation (AMEX: DPW) manufacture switching power supplies in North American and European industrial, telecommunications, data communications, medical, Distribution. It provides switching power supplies and power systems, uninterruptible power supplies, power converters and power distribution equipment, DC / AC inverters, single output front-end data buses, high density open frame power supplies, Central power supply, turn on the frame switch and 100-watt switch. The company also offers static frequency converters, DC systems, transformer rectifiers, inverters, circuit breaker monitoring and control, smart switching DC / DC power supplies, filter boxes, navigation and signal boards, and commercial frequency converters.
Headquarters 94 Wroclawska 41, Bytom, 902, Poland
Phone Number +48 322828266
Revenue $25 Million
SIC Code 36,367
NAICS Code 33,334