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Embedded - Microprocessors : 7031 Products

Microprocessors are central processing units consisting of one or a few large - scale integrated circuits. Microprocessors can fetch and execute instructions, and exchange information with external memory and logic components. Compared with the traditional central processing units, microprocessors has the advantages of small size, light weight and easy modularization. The basic components of a microprocessor are register heap, arithmetic unit, timing control circuit, and data and address bus.
Cooling Fan for LGA1151/1200
Cooling Fan Heatsinks for LGA1155
Intel Cooling Fan for LGA1366
Intel Cooling Fan for LGA775
Cooling Fan for BX80623152500K
Cooling Fan for BX80623172600K
Cooling Fan AMD 740
Cooling Fan for AM3 Socket
Cooling Fan for Athlon II X4 631
Cooling Fan for Athlon II X4 640
Cooling Fan for Athlon 3000 (AM2 Socket)
Core i5-4300M
Core i7-720QM (6M Cache, 1.60 GHz)
Core2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz S478)
Celeron 1.0GA (FC PGA 2)
Celeron 1.1GA (FC PGA 2)
Core2 Duo T7600 (2.33GHz S478)
Core2 Quad Q8300 (4M Cache, 2.50 GHz)
Core Solo T1350 (1.86GHz FCPGA)
Celeron M ULV373 (512K Cache, 1.00 GHz) SLJ8V
PDC G630 2.7GHz Socket 1155 (Socket H2)
Pentium E2200 (2.20G LGA775)
Pentium E5300 (2.6GHz LGA775)
Pentium E6600 (3.06G LGA775)
Pentium E6700 (3.2G LGA775)
Pentium E5500 (2.8GHz LGA775)
PD 820 2.8GHz (LGA775)
Pentium E2220 (2.40GHz LGA775)
Pentium E6800 (3.33g LGA775)
Pentium E2140 (1.60G LGA775)
Pentium 4405Y
Mobile P3 933MHz u-FCBGA
Pentium E2160 (1.80G LGA775)
Pentium D 935 (4M Cache, 3.20 GHz)
Pentium E2180 (2.0G LGA775)
Pentium M 1.6GHz (u-FCPGA)
Pentium M 730 (1.60GHz u-FCPGA)
Pentium E2200 (2.2G LGA775)
Pentium M 740 (1.73GHz u-FCBGA)
Pentium M 745 (1.80GHz u-FCPGA)
Pentium M 750 (1.86GHz u-FCBGA)
Pentium M 755 (2.0GHz u-FCPGA)
Pentium E5200 (2.5GHz LGA775)
Pentium D 945 (4M Cache, 3.40 GHz)
Pentium E2140 (1.60GHz LGA775)
Pentium M 760 (2.0 GHz u-FCBGA)
Pentium M 773 (1.30GHz u-FCBGA)
Pentium E2220 (2.4G LGA775)
Pentium E2160 (1.80GHz LGA775)
Pentium 4410Y (2M Cache, 1.50 GHz)