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General procedure for failure analysis: 1.Collect spot data. 2.Do the Electrical measurement and determine the failure mode. 3.Nondestructive inspection. 4.Open the package. 5.Mirror inspection. 6.Power-on and locate the failure points. 7.Physical and chemical analysis of the failure site to determine the failure mechanism. 8.Comprehensive analysis, determine the cause of failure, put forward corrective measures.
How to Select Analog-to-Digital Converters -Sunday, February 5, 2017
A / D devices and chips are frequently-used peripheral devices,used to achieve single-chip data acquisition .The kinds and performance of A / D converter are various.When we design data acquisition system, the first things we should consider is how to select the appropriate A / D converter to meet the system design requirements. Select the A / D converter device needs to consider the quality of the device and the application of the occasion requirements.We can basically find the appropriate A/D device according to the following indicators.
I think we have encountered such a problem, the chips suddenly broken down and programs can not be inputted.But even worse,we can not find the reason after taking a long time to test.For personal developers, maybe it is can be handled easily ,which they need to do just change a part of the chips,although it is still a terrible thing.But for large-scale manufacturers , this is a serious problem. The following contents are about how do some small details ruin your chips, maybe it can help you to quickly find the errors. 1. Supply voltage 2. Chip encryption 3.The high voltage Program
Because of frequent hot-plugs,the chips in the USB, SD card, MMC card, DVI / HDMI, CAN and other interfaces, is very susceptible to static electricity. As a result, the interface of chips must be added to protected device to prevent damage. Now let's take a look at ESD devices in the protection circuit application!
The evaluation of Seeed Arch Link -Sunday, February 5, 2017
Arch Link is a mbed-based development board, based on the Nordic nRF51822 and WIZnet W5500 Ethernet interfaces, supporting Arduino interface, Grove connector and micro SD interface.it also can be easily applied to low-power Bluetooth devices.And you can easily control low-power Bluetooth by Grove - Servo and Grove temperature & humidity sensors.
what should we note when we design sensors -Sunday, February 5, 2017
As we know,a sensor is a device that converts real world data (Analog) into data that a computer can understand using ADC (Analog to Digital converter).its functions depend on its design.Then what should we note when we design sensors?
The alias of the inductor is coil or reactor.By this four pictures you will understand the mean of inductor and know how it works.
Part1:Most of the engineers would make these mistakes in circuit designs.we would like to discuss it from 5 sections. Let's enter the first parts----Saving cost.
Part2:Most of the engineers would make these mistakes in circuit designs.we would like to discuss it from 5 sections. Let's enter the first parts----The low-power design
Have you ever do such stupid things when you draw a circuit diagram ?